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Henry Kissinger Praises "Putin's Bold Counteroffer" on Missile Defense

August 9, 2007 (LPAC)--Russian President Valdimir Putin's offer to the United States to jointly develop and deploy a ballistic missile system is a "bold initiative," with "potentially profound, long-range significance," writes Henry Kissinger in today's Washington Post.

This "historical initiative," which President Putin has linked to NATO, Kissinger compares to President Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars vision," [LaRouche's SDI -ed.] which posed "new creative opportunities." The potential is the shift into "a wider approach to other global challenges," by redefining the strategic relationship between the United States and Russia, bilaterally, and also, importantly, through NATO.

Kissinger does not believe the United States should back away from its plan to deploy components of the system in Poland and the Czech Republic, because it "underline[s] their ties to America." But what the United States should do, he counsels, "is limit the proposed deployment to its stated objective ... and find ways to define specific steps that separate the anti-missile deployment in Central Europe from a strategy for a hypothetical and highly implausible war against Russia."