Darfur Needs Emergency Aid and Economic Development

<body><div class="right_col_box" id="article"><h1> </h1><h1>Darfur Needs Emergency Aid and Economic Development</h1><p class="byline">by Marcia Merry Baker</p><p>(Reprinted with permission of)</p><p>Immediately after this article, we reprint a section of "Development Projects for Africa," an appendix from an <em>EIR</em> special report, "Peace Through Development in Africa's Great Lakes Region." This Special Report presented the proceedings of a Seminar in Wal

Bush Demands His Own Impeachment

<body><div class="right_col_box" id="article"><h1> </h1><h1>Bush Demands His Own Impeachment</h1><p>(Reprinted with permission of)</p><p class="byline">by Jeffrey Steinberg</p><p>President George Bush's infantile and defiant response to the Dec. 6 release of the Iraq Study Group report was tantamount to a demand for his own impeachment, along with that of Vice President Dick Cheney. Now, the new Democratic majority 110th Congress has a clear mandate, from a wide segment of the U.S.

Will the Campus Gestapo Save Darfur?

<body><div class="right_col_box" id="article"><h1><br />Will the Campus Gestapo Save Darfur?</h1><p class="byline">by Wynneal Inocentes, LaRouche Youth Movement</p><p class="articleText">The Darfur population is being portrayed as the "ethnic" people of Sudan, as opposed to the "Islamic extremists" of Sudan, as the rest of the country is described. What is really going on?

Economic Recovery Act of 2006: Dollar Plunge, Fall of Housing and Auto Demand Urgent Action

<body><div class="right_col_box" id="article"><h1><br />Economic Recovery Act of 2006:<br />Dollar Plunge, Fall of Housing and Auto Demand Urgent Action</h1><p>(Reprinted with permission of)</p><p class="byline">by Paul Gallagher<br /></p><p>As the Federal Reserve-built U.S. housing bubble is disappearing, the dollar since Nov.

LYM Leader Kesha Rogers Challenges Bonilla's Attack on Constitution

<body><div class="right_col_box" id="article"><h1><br />LYM Leader Kesha Rogers Challenges Bonilla's Attack on Constitution</h1><div class="img_box"><img height="319" src="/files/pictures/4e448e49699ab2ceaa674e1a04b42fc5/original.jpg" width="350" /><img src="/files/pictures/6acf01a0d8e7901c9df72c97a52a8fa3/original.jpg" /></div><div class="left_of_img"><p>Dec.

Horowitz Unanimously Rejected in Pennsylvania

<body><div class="right_col_box" id="article"><h1><br />Horowitz Unanimously Rejected in Pennsylvania</h1><p class="byline">by Michael Kirsch</p><p>The network of fascist bankers destroying the United States suffered a major set back last Tuesday, Nov 21 st, when one of their henchmen, David Horowitz, was rejected by the State of Pennsylvania in his drive for what he calls “Academic Freedom,” but in fact is a nationwide Gestapo-like operation to suppress student political activity.