New Home Prices in Biggest Dive Ever

November 30, 2007 (LPAC)--The U.S. Department of Commerce reported yesterday that the median price of a new single family home is $217,800, 13 percent lower than one year ago. This was the biggest drop recorded since 1963, when the Department first began to compute these prices. The second biggest was 8.5 percent in 1970. New home sales in October were up 1.7 percent from September, to a seasonally adjusted 728,000 homes per annum, which is 23.5 percent lower than a year earlier. New homes account for about 15 percent of all home sales.

German Psychotherapists Demand Ban on Computer Killer Games

November 30, 2007 (LPAC)--The German Society of Psychotherapists (GwG) called for a total ban against violent computer games, in a statement issued yesterday from Cologne. This worthy attack, aimed at the heart of death-cult youth brainwashing tactics, took place only days after the LaRouche Youth Movement intervened sharply at a Berlin event on the same grouping. The society pronounced, "Killer games are landmines for the soul of young people," noting that the games give players bonus points for each person they kill.

"They Never Learn"

November 30, 2007 (LPAC)--On hearing the results of the bankers' pow-wow with Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson yesterday, Lyndon LaRouche commented, "They never learn." Paulson met with Citigroup, Wells Fargo and other bankers, according to the Wall St.

El ministro del Exterior italiano dice que Annapolis es "un cambio real"

Italian Foreign Minister D'Alema: Annapolis Is "A Real Shift" 29 de noviembre del 2007 (LPAC) — Massimo D'Alema, ministro del Exterior de Italia, declaró al canal de televisión La7 que la reunión de Annapolis en Maryland, Estados Unidos, es "un cambio real" por dos razones: primero, los Estados Unidos entendieron que ya no se puede depender del "proceso de paz"; se necesita construir un "tratdo de paz, sentarse a la mesa de negociaciones, resolver los problemas polémicos y escribir en el tratado cómo puede nacer el Estado palestino (fronteras,

China apoya la cumbre de Annapolis

 Chinese Support for Annapolis Conference 28 de noviembre del 2007 (LPAC) — Yang Jiechi, ministro del Exterior de China, al participar en la cumbre de Annapolis, expresó su apoyó al proceso de paz. Yang delineó cinco principios que pueden ser la base para una paz exitosa en la región, incluyendo el respeto mutuo a sus culturas, el renunciar a la violencia, incorporar a Siria y Líbano; y darle prioridad al desarrollo conjunto.

Israel dispuesto a negociar con Siria; el manejo del agua

Israel Open to Negotiation with Syria; Water Management 29 de noviembre del 2007 (LPAC) — Miri Eisin, vocera del Primer Ministro de Israel, Ehud Olmert, dijo el 29 de noviembre en Washington, D.C., que Israel favorecería negociar un tratado de paz con Siria. En respuesta a una pregunta de EIR respecto a la participación siria en la reunión de annapolis durante una conferencia de prensa realizada en el Club Nacional de Prensa, posterior a la reunión de los líderes israelí y palestino con el presidente Bush, Eisin afirmó que "Siria es un participante esencial en la región.

LaRouche on Olmert's Useful Contribution in Annapolis

November 29, 2007 (LPAC)--The Annapolis summit on the South-West Asia peace process "was a big success for us," commented Lyndon LaRouche upon being briefed about Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's interview with Israel's daily Ha'aretz today. It was "a big success for us, not because we caused it, but because we strongly supported it happening. It's not a home run. Don't look for decisive home runs, but, rather, movement of the agenda in the right direction. Stick to this agenda, and something will be accomplished.

China's President Hu Jintao: Increase Regulation and Improve The General Welfare

November 29, 2007 (LPAC)--Chinese President Hu Jintao presided over a national meeting of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee Nov. 27 in Beijing, to discuss increasing the macroeconomic regulation of the Chinese economy in 2008, as the way to ensure stable and sound economic growth. Chronic inflation and overheating are seen as key problems to be solved, Xinhua reported. A critical target is to achieve more in improving the general populations' welfare next year, especially the lives of the poor.

George's Shultz's Fascist Imperial Operations in the Philippines

November 29, 2007 (LPAC) – George Shultz's Political Assassination Operations in the Philippines Are Denounced by the UN The Philippines military is "in a state of denial concerning the numerous extra-judicial executions in which its soldiers are implicated," concluded Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur assigned to investigate what EIR has labeled the Philippine's "Operation Condor." Operation Condor was the assassination policy implemented by fascist General Pinochet in Chile, under the guiding hand of Pinochet's controller George Shultz.

Why Doesn't China Want to Put Its Dollars in the U.S.?

November 29, 2007 (LPAC)--The China Investment Corporation, the fund set up to invest $200 billion of the $1.4 trillion in Chinese reserves, has shifted gears, and will now invest primarily in domestic areas, rather than overseas, according to a NYT article reporting from a source that is "familiar with the company's decision making." The Corporation, which put $3 billion into the private equity fund Blackstone in June, will henceforth devote two-thirds of its funds to "assisting Chinese banks" and other domestic investment.

Physical Economy: A Discussion in the U.S. to Build 300 MPH Maglev Trains and Nuclear Plants

November 29, 2007 (LPAC)--The December issue of Popular Mechanics has a cover story promoting 300 mph maglev trains as a solution to the congested highways and airports in the U.S. The article highlights the maglev train route between downtown Anaheim, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. The article says that a maglev train would cut the time of travel between these two points to just 90 minutes as opposed to a one hour and 15 minute flight.

China: Denial of U.S. Carrier Port Visit is No "Misunderstanding"

November 29, 2007 (LPAC)--Today China said that the denial of permission for the U.S. Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier and its battle group to visit Hong Kong on Thanksgiving was the result of the Bush administration's proposal to sell upgrades for Patriot anti-missile batteries to Taiwan and also, because of Bush's meeting with the Dalai Lama (who Lyndon LaRouche calls the "stuffed puppet, Dolly Lama) in Washington this past October.

Congressional Cowardice on HBPA is Killing American Cities

November 29, 2007 (LPAC) - U.S. cities are finding it impossible to raise funds through municipal bond offerings. The once virtually guaranteed, safe, tax-free investment into muni-bonds, assuring cities that they could raise funds for schools and development projects at a low interest rate, are now in deep trouble because of the credit crunch brought on by the sub-prime fiasco.

Putin: "No vamos a permitir que nadie entrometa su nariz mocosa en nuestros asuntos"

Putin: "We Will Not Allow Anyone to Poke His Snotty Nose into Our Affairs." 26 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — El presidente ruso Vladimir Putin acusó hoy al Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos de coercionar a la Oficina de Instituciones Democráticas y Derechos Humanos (ODIHR) para que abandonara su monitoreo de la campaña parlamentaria en Rusia, como una manera de tratar de minar la percepción de legitimidad de las elecciones.

"¡Suspendan el bombeo de dinero!"... "¡No podemos!"

"Turn Off the Money Pump!"..."We Can't!"27 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — Respondiendo a los llamados desesperados de los bancos y corredores de valores el 26 de noviembre, para que "los bancos centrales hagan algo más dramático" sobre el desplome en los mercados crediticios, el Banco Central Europeo (BCE) concedió una tremenda infusión de efectivo de rescate al sistema bancario, un tenedor semanal por 178 mil millones de euros ($260 mil millones) a los bancos en problemas de la Unión Europea.

Crecen los cálculos de las pérdidas bancarias... ¡un billón o el estallido!

Estimates of Bank Losses Growing ... $1 Trillion, or Bust 27 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — Los bancos han estado muy diligentes últimamente en calcular las pérdidas que se puede esperar de los bancos (los otros bancos, no ellos) en el actual estallido financiero. Aunque definitivamente no existe un aumento en la precisión de los números, el riesgo constante es: siguen creciendo.

Los banqueros gritan: ¡Las pérdidas son por billones, no miles de millones!

Bankers Screaming: It's Trillions, Not Billions, of losses 28 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — Estos días se oye cada vez con mayor insistencia que los banqueros y los comentaristas se refieren a que las pérdidas estuvieron en el orden de los billones. Ambrose Evans Pritchard en el Daily Telegraph del 28 de noviembre, reporta un informe de Jan Hatzious de Goldman Sachs en el sentido de que el precio de la vivienda en los E.U.A. podría caer en un 15%.

Transcripción: Conferencia de prensa de Lyndon LaRouche sobre la unificación china.

Los Ángeles, 24 de noviembre del 2007 (LPAC) — Lyndon LaRouche dio la siguiente conferencia de prensa en los Ángeles el 23 de noviembre previo a los trabajos del 24 de noviembre del "Foro sobre la Relación EU-China y la Reunificación Pacífica de China", auspiciado por el Instuto de Estudios Sino-Estratégicos. Asistieron 12 medios y hasta el 24 de noviembre al menos cinco habían publicado sobre la conferencia de prensa. El Sr.

Discurso de LaRouche ante la Conferencia sobre la Unificación de China: los E.U.A y China

por Lyndon H. LaRouche. Jr. 24 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC). Estos comentarios fueron presentados por Lyndon LaRouche, y traducidos al chino, para la conferencia titulada "Foro sobre las relaciones Sino-E.U.A. y la Reunificación Pacífica de China", patrocinada por el Instituto de Estudios Sino-Estratégicos, en Los Angeles, el 24 de noviembre. Como informé el 25 de julio de este año, en mi conferencia desde Washington, DC, transmitida por internet, el actual sistema monetario financiero mundial ha entrado en la crisis más mortal de los últimos siglos.

Britain at Edge of Second Housing Bust in 15 years

November 29, 2007 (LPAC)--Inflated house prices in Britain are falling at the steepest rate in 12 years. Prices were down 0.8%, just in November, the sharpest decline since June 1995, which was just after the big housing bust of the early 1990s. Then, prices fell some 35% across Britain, and there were 75,000 repossessions in 1991 alone. British mortgage lender Nationwide put out the November figure, and had already warned earlier this month that 10 years of house price inflation is over.

'Roid Rage in Blackwater Killings?

November 29, 2007 (LPAC)--Families of innocent Iraqis killed or wounded by Blackwater guards on September 16th have filed suit for war crimes, charging that a quarter of the company's armed men in Iraq use steroids and other "judgment-altering substances," and that Blackwater fosters "a culture of lawlessness."Lead Attorney Susan Burke, who previously pressed a suit concerning torture at Iraq's Abu Graib prison, said that Blackwater's "corporate culture ...

November 27 Conceptual Overview

November 27, 2007 (LPAC)--"When we take into account the knowledge which we have available to us today, the following rule applies: whenever a powerful combination of national governments can arrive at a suitable agreement to change a failed financial-monetary system, a solution for any modern financial crisis can be found. Therefore, my leading point in this report today, is that: Specifically, were the government of the U.S.A.

The Iraq War, Video Games and Young Suicidal Victims

by Carl Osgood The problem of mental illnesses and suicides among veterans of the Iraq war is generally being treated as an epidemic of individual cases brought on by their traumatic experiences and the inability, or refusal, of the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs to appropriately deal with them. Recent findings expressed in a number of news reports and research studies, combined with the counter-intelligence work of the LaRouche Youth Movement on the addiction of youth to video games should suggest another possibility, however.

Syria at the Annapolis Peace Talks

November 27, 2007 (LPAC)--The issue of Israel-Syria peace talks, until recently not considered possible or on the agenda at the Annapolis meetings, was raised by EIR today at the White House press briefing, to press secretary Dana Perino. EIR: Dana, at the meeting today, Syria was present. And although initially there were discussions that Syria would not be invited, and that if they were invited, there wouldn't be a discussion of the Golan Heights. But Prime Minister Olmert mentioned the Golan Heights in his statements. He also indicated he wanted to have peace with all the Arab nations.

European Airbus Will Have To Make 'Life-Threatening' Cuts Due to Dollar Fall

November 27, 2007 (LPAC)--In a move that will destroy Europe's most advanced research and development sector, the leadership of European Aerospace and Defense and Space Company (EADS) and its Airbus commercial airplane subsidiary are being forced to make draconian cuts, which are "life threatening," due to the decline in the value of the dollar compared to the euro. On November 23, Airbus CEO Tom Enders said that the company may trim its 2 billion euro ($3 billion) research budget, as a cost-cutting measure. Airbus planes are priced in dollars. On Nov.

LaRouche's "New Bretton Woods" is Key to Korea

November 27, 2007 (LPAC)--"These railway systems, which would be either railway or magnetic levitation, would now unite the land-masses, efficiently, for economic development internally. This coincides with a recent development, which many of us have wished for, in settlement between the relations between the two parts of Korea. Because the reunification of Korea, in functional terms, economic terms, means that the population will be changed there, and most key thing is a railway system.

LaRouche advierte en contra de las celebraciones "temerarias" del desplome del dólar en la reunión de la OPEP

 LaRouche Warns Against "Reckless" Celebrations of Dollar Collapse at OPEC Meeting19 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).—- El llamado que hicieron los presidentes de Irán y de Venezuela, Hugo Chavez y Mahmoud Almadinejah, respectivamente, para que la OPEP rompa con el dólar, ignora la realidad: que el mundo no está enfrentando una crisis del dólar, sino el desplome del sistema como un todo, advirtió Lyndon LaRouche. Todo el sistema se está viniendo abajo —¡incluyendo su sistema!

China Can't Survive Without LaRouche's "New Bretton Woods"

November 27, 2007 (LPAC)--Two Chinese economists warned about the effects of the dollar collapse in creating a hyperinflationary bubble in China's economy, in an editorial in the {China Daily} published yesterday. The editorial appeared on the same day that {China Daily, People's Daily}, and Xinhua News Service, prominently reported on economist Lyndon LaRouche's solution to the dollar crash; a New Bretton Woods monetary system initiative between China and the United States with Russia and India participating.

"Turn Off the Money Pump!"..."We Can't!"

November 27, 2007 (LPAC)--Responding to desperate calls on Nov. 26 from banks and stock brokerages, that "the central banks must do something more dramatic" about the credit markets' collapse, the European Central Bank (ECB) today granted a huge infusion of bailout cash to the banking system, a weekly tender of 178 billion euros ($260 billion) to the European Union's troubled banks. To give readers some perspective on this, this is approximately double what the U.S. government will pay for the Iraq war in all of 2007!

Boletín informativo: LaRouche habla en Los Ángeles ante la Conferencia de Unificación China.

24 de noviembre del 2007 (LPAC) — Lyndon LaRouche habló ante el "Foro sobre la relación Estados Unidos-China y la Reunificación Pacífica de China que tuvo lugar el 24 de noviembre en Los Ángeles, auspiciado por el Instituto de Estudios Chino-Estratégicos. A continuación un informe vía telefónica dado por otro participante y orador, Harley Schlanger, vocero de Lyndon LaRouche en la Costa Oeste. Lyndon LaRouche dio el discurso principal en la sesión del almuerzo.

China introduce optimismo al momento de la historia mundial

26 de noviembre, 2007 (LPAC).— La prensa oficial del gobierno chino, Xinhua News, El Diario del Pueblo y China Daily, publicaron el siguiente despacho sobre el discurso que dio Lyndon LaRouche el sábado 24 en Los Angeles, California. LaRouche comentó que este hecho, la cobertura por parte de la prensa oficial, representa la introducción del factor de optimismo, tan urgentemente necesario para enfrentar el derrumbe del sistema monetario-financiero que está en marcha. ¡Pongan atención, congresistas!

Record-Breaking Drop in Prices of U.S. Homes

November 27, 2007 (LPAC)--The rate of drop in average American home prices is now breaking records, according to its most accurate index, and threatening tens of millions of homeowners with owing more on their mortgages, than their home is worth on the market. This is a recipe for escalating mass foreclosures. The Case-Shiller National Home Price Index, which tracks prices in 20 major metropolitan areas, fell 0.9% from August to September, and was then down 5% from the previous September, a record drop in the history of this measure.

Syria to Attend Annapolis Peace Conference; Focus on Israel-Syria Talks as Basis for Peace

November 26, 2007 (LPAC)—Last week physical economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche made a crucial statement: To Leave Pakistan Alone and to Focus on Israel-Syria Relations as the Basis for Peace. This was the dynamic concept to shape the discussion for the November 27th Annapolis Meeting. Syria has announced it will attend the Annapolis Peace Summit at the level of deputy foreign minister.

Newsweek Drops 2nd Shoe on Rudy.

November 26, 2007 (LPAC)--In a release dated November 10, 2007, Lyndon LaRouche exposed the Presidential game being played behind the scenes: that "the build-up of former NY Mayor Giuliani as a ‘hot prospect’ ... was a crafted set-up, designed to clear the decks for the present New York Mayor [Michael Bloomberg] to emerge, as if ‘miraculously’ ....

"Escuela cibernética de asesinos": la conexión a Columbine

"Cyber School For Killers": The Columbine Connection 10 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).— Con el título de "La Escuela cibernética de asesinos", el London Times de hoy informa lo siguiente: "Un grupo de jovenes que idolatran a los asesinos de la Escuela Preparatoria de Columbine pudieron haber compartido información por internet en YouTube con el asesino que mató a ocho estudiantes en su escuela en Finlandia antes de suicidarse y tenian contactos con un adolecente americano que estaba planeando una parranda de asesinatos en una Escuela Preparatoria en Filadelfia, se

IAEA en contra de la avidez bélica de Cheney contra Irán

IAEA Battles Cheney's Iran War Lust15 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).— El informe de la IAEA (Agencia Internacional de Energia Atómica) sobre el programa nuclear de Irán dado a conocer hoy dice que Irán ha estado cooperando y ha sido veraz sobre su programa nuclear, y esto ha puesto frenéticos al vicepresidente Cheney y su partido de guerra que aceleraron la campaña propagandística de guerra, basada solo en el hecho de que Irán no ha abandonado su programa de enriquecimiento nuclear —como lo exigían las resoluciones armadas por el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU en el 2006 y 2007.

China intenta descarrillar la guerra contra Irán, se sale de las pláticas

China Tries to Derail Iran War, Pulls Out of Talks 16 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).— En una movida rápida para tratar de contrarestar los intentos de los Estados Unidos, Gran Bretaña y Francia, de obtener un consenso para imponerle más sanciones a la República islámica de Irán, China se retiró de las pláticas de Londres.

Sauditas advierten: la guerra de Cheney contra Irán sigue en pie; LaRouche dice: "la que hay que culpar es a Pelosi".

Saudis Warn--Cheney's Iran War is On; LaRouche Says, 'Pelosi Will Be Blamed'15 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).— En el periódico Le Figaro de hoy se reportan comentarios extraordinarios de prestantes personalidades sauditas, indicando que estos personajes, entre los que se cuenta el principe Bandar, saben que está "activo"un ataque contra Irán por parte del gobierno Cheney-Bush.

LaRouche: el desprecio del senado por China desencadenó el desplome general

LaRouche: Senate's Contempt for China Triggered General Collapse14 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).— Lyndon LaRouche dijo ayer que el calificar el actual desplome económico en marcha, como una crisis de las hipotecas de alto riesgo, o una crisis hipotecaria "es un fraude. Se trata de una crisis sistémica generalizada". "Si quieren encontrar una causa, el Senado debe considerar la forma en que despreciaron a China" dijo LaRouche. Eso no causó la crisis pero sí la precipitó.

Cómo parar el infierno en la tierra

How to Stop Hell on Earth 21 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).— El 16 de noviembre, en conferencia de prensa, miembros del consejo asesor del gobierno mexicano del Instituto de Mexicanos en el Exterior (IME), advirtieron que se está produciendo un "tsunami" con los mexicanos que están siendo deportados por los Estados Unidos, que creen que solo para fines del 2007 va a alcanzar el millón de personas.

LaRouche dice:¡Construyan el PHLINO ahora!

LaRouche Says Build the PHLINO Now!!19 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).— Al comentar sobre el desastre causado por las inundaciones en los estados del sur de México, Tabasco y Chiapas, el estadista Lyndon LaRouche destacó la urgencia de construir el Proyecto Hidráulico del Noroeste (PHLINO) en México, junto con una serie de otros proyectos hidráulicos como el NAWAPA en Canadá y los Estados Unidos, para evitar que vuelvan a ocurrir tragedias como la que se está ocurriendo en el sur de México.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Mexico, 1943; Lyndon LaRouche's Policy Today

November 25, 2007 (LPAC)--We publish below excerpts of the speech given by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on April 21, 1943, in Monterrey, Mexico, in the company of then-Mexican President Manuel Avila Camacho and members of his cabinet. Although given in the midst of World War II, and in the context of Mexico's important contribution to the Allied war effort, Roosevelt's speech defined the principles that characterized the broader U.S. relationship with Mexico and were the essence of his Good Neighbor Policy.

Overview Conception of the Day: USA and China, 11/24/07

November 25, 2007 (LPAC)--There is nothing to fear but fear itself. A mortal once lived who famously said these words. He was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and though he has physically perished from the Earth, his immortality, his greatest humanity in fact, lives on, in the guise of Lyndon LaRouche most notably, but also in the hearts and minds of others, many of whose years never overlapped with his.

Transcript: Lyndon LaRouche Press Conference on Chinese Unification, Los Angeles

November 24, 2007 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche gave the following press conference in Los Angeles on Nov. 23, prior to the Nov. 24 proceedings of the "Forum on U.S.-China Relationship and Peaceful Reunification of China," sponsored by the Institute for Sino Strategic Studies. Twelve press attended, and as of Nov. 24, at least five had run coverage. Mr. LaRouche spoke after an introduction in Chinese, and his remarks and responses in the brief open discussion were translated into Chinese sequentially. MODERATOR: I have the great pleasure to introduce Mr.

Ops Bulletin: LaRouche Addresses China Unification Conference in Los Angeles

November 24, 2007 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche today addressed the "Forum on the US-China Relationship and the Peaceful Reunification of China," in Los Angeles, sponsored by the Institute of Sino-Strategic Studies. The English-language text of his address is reported elsewhere; what follows is a brief telephone report by another participant and speaker, Harley Schlanger, Lyndon LaRouche's West Coast spokesman. Lyndon LaRouche delivered the keynote address at the luncheon session.

LaRouche's Address to China Unification Conference: The USA & China

November 24, 2007 (LPAC) Address to LA China Conference: - THE USA & CHINA - by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. These remarks were presented by Lyndon LaRouche, and translated into Chinese, for a conference titled, "Forum on the US-China Relationship and the Peaceful Reunification of China," sponsored by the Institute of Sino-Strategic Studies, in Los Angeles on Nov. 24. As I reported in an international webcast, broadcast from Washington, D.C.

The British Empire is Trying to Create a Cover for Facebook

November 24, 2007 (LPAC)--Upon investigation of the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), which produced a report, “Security Issues and Recommendations for Online Social Networks”, that seemed to be supporting the move to stop the threat of Facebook and MySpace; it was discovered that they are a cover for a filthier operation of the British Empire.

Will Lebanese Stability Hold?

November 24, 2007 (LPAC)--The following news update, and all subsequent LPAC updates relating to the upcoming Annapolis Peace Conference, should be seen in the context of two statements made by Lyndon LaRouche: LaRouche: "I'm Backing Peres Personally" LaRouche: "Leave Pakistan Alone; Focus on Israel-Syria Talks as Basis for Peace" The last act of outgoing Lebanese President Emile Lahoud was to turn security responsibility over to the Lebanese army, but, contrary what some press reports are saying, he did not declare a formal state of emergency, while warning tha

Victoria a alcaldía colombiana trae consigo la construcción de un Metro

15 de noviembre del 2007 (LPAC) — Los políticos colombianos de repente andan a las carreras para demostrar entre ellos quién es el más partidario de la construcción del metro en la capital Bogotá en la secuela de la victoria como alcalde del campeón del metro, Samuel Moreno, en las elecciones del 28 de octubre. Para una nación en la mira como conejillo de indias para la doctrina de guerra permanente de la "Revolución en los Asuntos Militares", el apoyo al metro es toda una revolución, para la cual la Asociación LaRouche de Colombia ha organizado con gran intensidad.

Después de una conferencia larouchista, el Congreso mexicano aprueba el financiamiento inicial para infraestructura hidraúlica

After LaRouche Conference, Mexican Congress Approves First Financing for New Water Control Infrastructure15 de noviembre del 2007 (LPAC) — Los periódicos de Sonora publicaron como su principal noticia de primera plana el 14 de noviembre que el Congreso de la Unión aprobó 30 millones de pesos para el enorme proyecto hidráulico tipo TVA conocido como PLHINO a lo largo de la costa mexicana del Pacífico, dentro del presupuesto del Comité Nacional del Agua del 2008.

Dos jovenes nazis matan "por diversión". Bill Gates pudiera saber el por qué

13 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC). La policia de Detroit arrestó ayer a dos jovenes adultos, por el asesinato que bien pudo haberse sacado del juego de video "Manhunt 2". La fiscal del condado Wayne, Lym Worthy dijo que los dos apuñalaron a Daniel G. Sorensen hasta matarlo, le aserraron la cabeza y usaron una antorcha para quemar el cuerpo, simplemente por el gusto de hacerlo. "Todos nosotros hemos visto todo tipo de crimenes posibles, y sin embargo, nos pasma el que alguien puede matar por el gusto de hacerlo" le dijo Worthy al Detroit News.

MySpace and Facebook: un lugar en donde los jóvenes pueden ser lo que quieran ser (espiados por la NSA!!)

MySpace and Facebook: A Place Where Youth Want to Be (Spied on by the NSA!) 13 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC). En un discurso en una conferencia sobre inteligencia, el segundo funcionario en importancia en la Inteligencia Nacional de los E.U.A. usó MySpace y Facebook como ejemplos de cómo ya no es posible hoy pasar en el anonimato, como sucedía en el pasado. El dr.

Los asesinos de MySpace en busca de "emociones fuertes"

MySpace Murderers Search for "Strong Emotions"13 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC). La juez italiana Claudia Matteini ordenó ayer que las tres personas sospechosas de haber asesinado a Meredith Kercher (21 años) en Perugia, Italia, queden en custodia "hasta por un año" para interrogarlas. Entre los detenidos se encuentra Amanda Knox (20 años) con la que compartía el departamento, su novio Raffaele Sollecito (26 años) y el propietario del bar Diya Lumumba (36 años). La juez dijo que había "indicios serios de culpabilidad" en los tres casos.

URGENT: Foreclosures in Loudoun County VA Increase 758%

November 23, 2007 (LPAC) - RealtyTrac, the national company monitoring foreclosures, announced that Loudoun County VA, which Lyndon LaRouche has long labeled as "Ground Zero" of the real estate bubble, reported a 758% increase in foreclosures for the third quarter over 2006 - from 125 filings in 2006 to 1,073 this year. The national rate of increase in foreclosures over this period is about 100%.

LaRouche: los británicos y los cheneyacos desplegados para convertir a Paquistán en un estado fallido

18 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — Ayer voló a Paquistán el subsecretario de Estado de los E.U.A., John Negroponte, para presionar al presidente paquistaní Pervez Musharraf a que revoque el estado de emergencia que decretara el 3 de noviembre y renuncie a ser el jefe del Ejército, en lo que el Washington Post describió como "una tensa reunión de dos horas". Negroponte le advirtió a Musharraf que si no cumple, entonces los Estados Unidos cortarán su ayuda militar.

LaRouche: ¡Dejen en paz a Paquistán; enfóquense en las pláticas sirio-israelí como base para la paz!

19 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — El gobierno de los E.U.A. debe abandonar la presión cheneyaca sobre Paquistán —sólo está enredando más la situación, advirtió esta mañana el estadista y economista Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. La única razón de la presión de los E.U.A. sobre el presidente Musharag, dijo LaRouche, es porque Cheney quiere una guerra con Irán y dejar como legado un caos en toda la región. Debemos concentrarnos en lograr algún progreso. Permitir que la reunión de Annapolis vierta cierta luz, dijo LaRouche.

LaRouche: las masacres de jóvenes NO son un fenómeno social. Es obra del imperio británico desde las más altas esferas

LaRouche: The Mass Youth Killings are NOT a Social Phenomenon; It's the British Empire's Orchestration from the Top 21 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).— Luego de revisar la serie de acontecimientos recientes a nivel internacional, Lyndon LaRouche hizo la siguiente declaración: "Cierta agencia está feliz con el caso de Finlandia y la incompetente reacción que ha habido. Están empeñados en extender la operación. Finlandia es el primero, de lo que se pretende que sea una serie de atrocidades. Es un proceso deliberado dirigido por instituciones detrás.

More Flying Pieces: A 53 Billion Pound (Sterling) Hole in Northern Rock

November 23, 2007 (LPAC)—The reader should continue to take note of all the flying pieces of the financial system. Keep in mind, everything being reported on, is the residue of a collapsed global financial system. What must be done very quickly, is for the U.S. Congress to adopt LaRouche’s economic recovery policy, otherwise the system as a whole, including those in Western Europe are doomed. The leading item of the day will focus the reader on the gravity of the collapse, nevertheless continue to follow the thread of these floating pieces.

LaRouche: los bancos apalancaron propiedades hipotecarias que no les pertenecían, y eso puede echar abajo al sistema

LaRouche: Banks Leveraged Unowned Mortgage Properties, Could Bring Down the System19 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC).— Lyndon LaRouche comentó el pasado viernes 16 sobre las implicaciones de la decisión que tomó el pasado 31 de octubre el juez federal Christopher A. Boyko, de declar sin lugar el caso de 14 viviendas amenazadas de embargo en Cleveland por el banco Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. La interrogante que se plantea es si los bancos han estado duplicando el uso de sus activos. Cualquier sospecha y duda acerca de ello es suficiente en si mismo para derrumbar al sistema.

Una cronología de la desintegración financiera

A Chronology of the Financial Melt Down 4 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — La semana pasada, mientras Wall Street se conmocionaba por el despido doble del director ejecutivo del banco comercial más grande del mundo —Citigroup— y del director ejecutivo de uno de los tres bancos de inversiones más grandes en el mundo —Merrill Lynch—, la única advertencia correcta y constante del economista sobre la economía física Lyndon LaRouche de que todo el sistema monetario y financiero mundial estaba acabado irreversiblemente, se confirmó definitivamente.

El problema del Citigroup irradia hacia el sistema financiero

Citigroup Problem Radiates Through The Financial System 4 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — El New York Times del 4 de noviembre informa que "es muy probable que la junta directiva del Citigroup nombre a Robert E. Rubin... como su presidente interino" en la reunión de emergencia de la junta el domingo. Rubin reemplazaría al director ejecutivo del Citigroup Charles Prince III, que se dice fue forzado a renunciar.

Los bancos más grandes del mundo tuvieron que aceptar rebajas enormes

World's Largest Banks Take Huge Write-downs 4 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — En los últimos dos meses, los reportes trimestrales sobre las ganancias de las instituciones financieras más grandes del mundo han tenido un tema asombrosamente recurrente: rebajas en los precios y/o pérdidas masivas, de las hipotecas de alto riesgo, los valores respaldados por hipotecas, los préstamos apalancados para tomas hostiles apalancadas que no resultaron, CDOs. etc.

LaRouche: está comprobado que quienes atacaron mis pronósticos están desquiciados.

4 de noviembre de 2007 (LPAC) — Lyndon LaRouche corrigió en fuertes términos a aquéllos que lo atacan por insistir en que todo el sistema monetario y financiero global está en quiebra, irremediable e irreversiblemente, y que tiene que ser sometido a una reorganización por bancarrota para empezar un proceso de reconstrucción global.

The Democrats' Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac "Solution" Was Insane; Listen to LaRouche

November 23, 2007 (LPAC) - Lyndon LaRouche declared that the Democrats were "flunking" foreclosure crisis back on August 29, 2007. And, he warned that those Democrats who were pumping up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as a solution would have to "eat those words, and soon," see House of Representatives Bill Ignores Bank Crisis.

Giving Thanks for a Nation

November 22, 2007 (LPAC)-- Whatever little historical significance Americans today attribute to Thanksgiving is generally bound up with simple images of the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, celebrating their successful harvest after enduring near and actual starvation during their first winter in America. In the folklore of today’s environmentalists who annually reenact that Thanksgiving at Plymouth, the Pilgrims were a model society, living happily within the ‘limits’ of nature, in a labor-intensive, feudal stupor.

Putin Prepares for the Instability of the World

November 21, 2007 (LPAC)--Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday took the occasion of his annual meeting with the top officers of the Russian Armed Forces, to criticize current NATO behavior in the vicinity of Russia's borders. He also expressed regret at the absence of an adequate response from the United States to his ground-breaking proposal for cooperation between the two biggest nuclear powers on anti-missile defense.

Nuclear Desalination is the Answer to Fresh Water Shortages

November 21, 2007 (LPAC)--Nuclear power has the energy flux density necessary for the large-scale desalination to provide the freshwater that a growing world population will need, without depleting fossil energy sources, concluded scientists at the Trombay, India, Symposium on Desalination and Water Re-Use. The proceedings of this conference appear in a just-released special issue of the International Journal of Nuclear Desalination. B.M.

Destabilization of Nations: France on Strike, Cheminade Strikes Back

November 21, 2007 (LPAC)--Mass strike ferment continued on November 20 in France, as about half of the nation's civil servants went on strike. More than 500,000 demonstrators took to the streets of the nation's big cities, including 40,000 youth from universities and high schools, reports Nouvelle Solidarite in Paris. As media-government propaganda continued painting a picture of "privileged workers" or strike, the mobilization is aimed at purchasing power, since food and energy prices are increasing by double digits from January on.

Bank Panic Uncovers Fantasy Bonds

November 21, 2007 (LPAC)--"Covered bonds" are very much uncovered this afternoon in the worsening dollar crash, and the entire European market for trading these asset-backed securities among banks, has been shut down for a week, in another grave sign of a gathering bank panic. European banks were ordered by the European Covered Bond Council to cease trying to market these bonds to each other, at least until Monday, November 26.

Germany's Angela Merkel and Italy's Romano Prodi: No to Tony Blair!

November 21, 2007 (LPAC)--German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Premier Romano Prodi do not want Tony Blair to become "European Chairman" next year. Italian media report that the two heads of government agreed on this in the Italian-German bilateral meeting yesterday near Berlin. Blair's candidacy had been pushed especially by France's Nicolas Sarkozy. The Italian-German bilateral meeting has apparently brought the two countries closer, as they agreed also on Kosovo and Afghanistan policies.

Two More Cities in Pennsylvania Endorse HBPA

November 21, 2007 (LPAC)--Two more cities in Pennsylvania, Erie and Monessen, passed resolutions, yesterday, endorsing Lyndon LaRouche's Homeowners and Bank Protection Act, along with Pennsylvania House Resolution 418, which calls on Pennsylvania's Congressional delegation to introduce the HBPA into the Congress. They join three other Pennsylvania cities, New Castle, Johnstown and Ellwood City, which have already endorsed the HBPA.

How to Stop Hell on Earth

November 21, 2007 (LPAC)--There is a "tsunami" underway of Mexicans being deported from the United States, which we believe will reach one million in 2007 alone, by the end of the year, members of the Advisory Council of the Mexican Government's Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME), warned in a November 16 press conference. Council members made that stunning projection after a two-day closed-door meeting on the immigrant crisis, held at the Foreign Relations Ministry. IME Advisory Council members are leading Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and Mexican-Canadians.

The Governator Should Join the Human Race

November 21, 2007 (LPAC)--Upon being briefed on the Governator of California's surprise announcement to "freeze" adjustable interest rates for high-risk borrowers, LaRouche said, "If he wants to be a man of the people, he should join the human race."The announcement from George Shultz's fascist Governator, came from, according to the Governator, a voluntary agreement with four leading mortgage lenders on Tuesday; GMAC Mortgage, Countrywide Financial, Litton Loan Servicing, and HomeEq Servicing.

California Democrats Back LaRouche Youth Movement Housing Resolution

November 20, 2007(LPAC)--The resolution printed below was passed Saturday, November 17, 2007 at the Executive Board meeting of the California Democratic Party. It was submitted by the L.A. County Democratic Party, which passed it at the July 2007 meeting. It was drafted by LYM member Ardena Clark, and was introduced before Lyndon LaRouche drafted his HBPA. The final version was amended by the Resolutions Committee of the L.A. County Committee in July, and placed before the State Party Resolutions Committee, recommended by the County Committee.

‘Revolution in Military Affairs’: Private Military Companies in Iraq ‘Have Been Shooting a Lot of People’

November 20, 2007 (LPAC)--The Washington Post reported today that a Federal grand jury in Washington, D.C. has begun an investigation of shooting incidents by private security contractors in Iraq.  One incident reportedly under investigation is the September 16, 2007 shootings by Blackwater personnel at a Baghdad traffic circle, in which 17 Iraqi civilians were killed. The Post reports that FBI investigators have concluded that 14 of the 17 deaths in that incident were unjustified under State Department rules on use of force.

Insane Policy: Washington Post Promotes Bankruptcy To Avoid Foreclosure; Lets the Nation's Banks Go Under

November 20, 2007 (LPAC)--The Washington Post today strongly promotes Congressional legislation to let some households threatened with foreclosure, chose bankruptcy instead, getting their mortgages restructured by bankruptcy judges. This legislation is sponsored by Senators Charles Schumer and Dick Durbin, and Representatives Brad Miller of North Carolina and Linda Sanchez of California.

Jumping Bankers Now Talking About Losses in Trillions

The U.S. dollar and financial system has already exploded. There should be no talk about how the crisis of system is “coming”—it’s already here. The crash of the dollar system will cause an explosion of the entire international financial system. Already, pieces of the exploded planet are flying around like asteroids—but only a fool would say that the asteroids are “going to cause” the explosion! The planet has exploded!

More Pieces Flying: Goldman Sachs Plays Assassin in the Bank Collapse Game

The U.S. dollar and financial system has already exploded. There should be no talk about how the crisis of system is “coming”—it’s already here. The crash of the dollar system will cause an explosion of the entire international financial system. Already, pieces of the exploded planet are flying around like asteroids—but only a fool would say that the asteroids are “going to cause” the explosion! The planet has exploded!

Flying Pieces of the Exploded System: Chinese Prime Minister Warns United States on Dollar Collapse

November 20, 2007 (LPAC)—As of two weeks ago, the U.S. dollar and financial system has already exploded. Here are some of the flying pieces of the already exploded system. Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao made a strong statement on the threatening outright collapse of the dollar on November 19, the latest and highest-ranking of a series of urgent statements from Chinese officials concerning the dollar's plunge. Wen said, "We have never before been experiencing such great stress" in maintaining stable currency relations.

Is Russian Roulette the Last 'Derivative' of Bavarian Red Cross?

November 19, 2007 (LPAC)--If the Bavarian Red Cross were a doctor, it might be the kind of disturbed personality you occasionally hear about, who, unbeknownst to the anesthetized patient about to undergo the knife, has planned to pay-off gross debts to the local racetrack bookies by selling a few of the decieved patient's internal organs on the black market.

Starvation and Disease Faced by Multitudes in Bangladesh

November 19, 2007 (LPAC)--Bangladesh faces food shortages and outbreaks of disease in wake of Tropical Cyclone Sidr, it is reported by Bloomberg today. “Medical supplies are not reaching the needy as roads and telecommunications are cut off,” Wahida Bashar Ahmed, ActionAid International's emergency coordinator for Bangladesh, said by telephone from the capital, Dhaka. “Drinking water is scarce and people have moved away from cyclone shelters to their devastated homes.

U.S. Military Proposes Arming Pakistan's Tribal Leaders, Like in Iraq

November 19, 2007 (LPAC)--Escalating its policy to destroy the nation of Pakistan, the Defense Department's Special Operations Command (SOC), has proposed, in a “new and classified” document, that there will be a “policy shift.” The U.S. should “enlist” tribal leaders in the frontier areas, to fight Al Qaeda and the Taliban, the New York Times reports. The proposal, the Times notes, is modeled, in part, on a similar effort by American forces in Anbar Province in Iraq to fight insurgents. A strategy paper, prepared by staff members of the SOC, would expand U.S.

LaRouche: The Mass Youth Killings are NOT a Social Phenomenon; It's the British Empire's Orchestration from the Top

“Some agency is overjoyed with the Finland case and the lack of competent reaction to it. They are engaged in extending the operation. Finland was the first of an intended series of atrocities. It is an orchestrated process directed by institutions behind it. These are not isolated social events. It should be seen in the context of the intent on the part of the British to come out of the crisis on top. The idea that this is a social phenomenon is a fraud. It is not a social phenomenon. The LaRouche Youth Movements counterintelligence report should be the basis of discussion to understand this crisis. Serious people will study the LYM document.” This was the statement made by Lyndon LaRouche this morning, after reviewing the recent series of global events.

City of London Property Collapse

November 19, 2007 (LPAC)--London commercial property market continues to collapse as banks put large leasing of new space in the City of London on hold. Furthermore, they are signing "flexible" leases for no more than 18 months rather that the normal 10 to 20 years. This is being seen as preparation for the big layoffs at the major banks as the collapse of the financial system continues. This will hit rent prices and therefore property prices. City property prices are believed to have fallen already by 5 or 10% since spring, according to a report in The Times.

Swiss Mediation Efforts in Iran's Nuclear Dispute

November 19, 2007 (LPAC)--In an interview with Neue Zuercher Zeitung Sunday, Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey, the former foreign minister, for the first time tells more about the mediation by Switzerland in the Iran conflict. "The Iran dossier has entered a decisive phase: some of the concerned countries are threatening harsher sanctions, if Iran does not stop uranium enrichment. At the center there is the demand by the UN Security Council that Iran suspend uranium enrichment-as a precondition of talks.

LaRouche: Renter Evictions are Not Permissible

November 18, 2007 (LPAC)— Lyndon LaRouche today responded to press reports of a growing wave of evictions of renters in houses whose owners defaulted on their mortgages, by noting: "This is exactly where my HBPA legislation comes in to play. They are paying rent; they're living in the house; and they're being evicted. That's not permissible. That's {exactly} where the HBPA act comes in. The non-owner occupied cases, where the rent is being paid, in particular, illuminates the characteristic of the entire situation," LaRouche explained.

LaRouche Addresses China Unification Summit on "A New Pacific Relationship Emerges"

Nov. 17—Lyndon LaRouche addressed "Global Summit for China's Peaceful Unification" held at the University of Maryland conference center in Rockville, this morning. Over 200 leaders from around the world participated. Lyn was a featured speaker in the opening session, and the published title of his presentation was "A New Pacific Relationship Emerges." The conference is taking place Nov 16-18. LYNDON LAROUCHE: Thank you. As you know, this is a time of great troubles in the world. The world financial-monetary system is in the process of disintegrating.

Former Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen Blasts Capital Funds as a Menace to Society

November 18, 2007 (LPAC)--Former Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen nailed Deutsche Industriebank director (IKB) Robert Splid to the wall on the question of regulating capital funds, in a TVNEWS discussion on Danish television last night. Rasmussen, who is known for demanding regulation of hedge funds and capital funds, attacked Splid saying that the capital funds are drowning companies in debt and that companies which have been touched by the finger of capital funds fall back, ruined.

MySpace Induces Suicide of Young Girl: Who’s to Blame?

LaRouchePAC has been sent multiple emails regarding a 13 year old girl, from Dardenne Prairie, Mo., who committed suicide on Oct. 16, 2006 because of being rejected by fake personalities on Murdoch's death chamber, MySpace . The tragic incident itself wasn't known by the internet mobs, until the Suburban Journal released a report by Steve Pokin on Monday, November 12, 2007. The very objective report by Pokin, leaves the reader to judge the problem, but also lays blame of the suicide on the parents of a friend of the young girl.

Congressman Calls for Federal Freeze on Foreclosures; LPAC Says, Protect Banks Too!

November 17, 2007 (LPAC)--Philadelphia Congressman Chaka Fattah (D), chairman of the House Urban Caucus, wrote to George Bush yesterday, calling on him to "declare a six month moratorium on all foreclosures" as a "stop gap measure until long term measures can be implemented to address this national crisis," according to a release from his office carried by PR Newswire and U.S. Newswire. Lyndon LaRouche's call in August for a moratorium on foreclosures is now being widely taken up.

U.S. Industrial Production Index Dropped in October, Reflecting Triple-Curve

November 16, 2007 (LPAC)--The index of industrial output in the United States, showed a decline of 0.5% in output of factories, mines and utilities compared to last month. The figure was released by the Federal Reserve today. Despite the fact that these kinds of statistics are usually fluffed up and unreliable, the contraction of the U.S. economy is so gross, that the falling index can show nothing else than a declining output across the board. Fed and Treasury Department figures show sub-sector declines: Factories made 0.4% fewer goods in October.

White House Denies Reality!

November 16 (LPAC)--In an exchange with Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) correspondent Bill Jones today, White House Deputy Spokesman, Tony Fratto denied reality and insisted that insanity is a functioning part of the world economy. Here's the exchange:  EIR: Tony, there's been a lot of discussion, necessarily, on the housing crisis and the White House has taken some measures with regard to the foreclosures -- which probably will prove somewhat inadequate.

Conyers Says Impeachment Resolution "Under Active Consideration"

November 16, 2007 (LPAC)--Michigan Rep. John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has stated that the impeachment resolution against Vice President Dick Cheney is "under active consideration." He wouldn't specify any timetable for action on the resolution before his committee, however, given that this is, in his words, "the most sensitive matter before the nation." According to Scoop Independent News, Conyers made these remarks following a November 14 discussion organized by the Congressional Out of Iraq caucus, headed by California Rep.