LaRouche sobre el discurso de Hillary Clinton en Filadelfia: "Howard Dean no ha mejorado desde los comités electorales de Iowa d

24 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— Lyndon LaRouche comisionó la publicación de un resumen del discurso que pronunció Hillary Clinton la tarde de hoy en la Universidad de Pensilvania, no con la intenci

LaRouche: John Maynard Keynes a Fascist and a Colonialist

March 13, 2008 (LPAC) - Lyndon LaRouche, speaking at an internationally webcast event in Washington March 12, was asked: “Felix Rohatyn openly refers to himself as a follower of John Maynard Keynes. He recently tried to reverse his previous public hostility to FDR, by saying that he supported the New Deal. However, there are obviously issues at hand here. One can not have it both ways. But there are many ill-informed or, in some cases, lying authorities, who would insist that FDR and his Bretton Woods system were essentially Keynesian.

EU Pressures Italy on Highway Sellout

March 14, 2008 (LPAC)--The European Union Commissary for the Internal Market, Charlie McCreevy, has written a letter to the Italian government demanding explanations on "incompatibilities" of the Italian concession laws for the highway network, with "EU laws". In particular, McCreevy refers to the Italian decision to unilaterally change concessions with Autostrade, in order to prevent a takeover by the Spanish Abertis group. It is believed that now Abertis could open a complaint against Italy with the Commissary on Competition, Neelie Kroes.

Panicked Fed Bails Out Bear Stearns, In New Phase of Collapse

March 14, 2008 (LPAC)--The Federal Reserve moved openly today to bail out Bear Stearns, the nation's fifth-largest investment bank, injecting an unspecified amount of cash to keep the bank from failing. The money, in the form of a 28-day loan, will be conduited through J.P. Morgan Chase, but the Fed is providing the cash and will absorb any losses that might occur. Morgan Chase has also been assigned to search for significant capital investors or even a buyer for what is now little more than a walking-dead zombie.

LaRouche: 'Felix Rohatyn a Traitor to the United States'

March 14, 2008 (LPAC) -- Banker and Democratic Party fixer Felix Rohatyn is "guilty of something tantamount to high treason against the United States," Lyndon LaRouche told the world in a webcast broadcast from Washington, D.C. March 12. "The man is guilty of a crime of implicit treason, by virtue of the intention, which he has expressed, and by virtue of the international forces which he's operating with, in the attempt to destroy the United States, by his program," LaRouche said.

Schlomo Ben Ami's Proposal for Peace

Shlomo Ben Ami: No Peace Without Syria, Hamas, or Marwan Barghouti March 13, 2008 (LPAC)-All the strategies that Israel has pursued under different governments since the 1990's to achieve peace with security have failed, said former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami in Washington today. Therefore Israel must recognize that what it has, so far, refused to contemplate, must be tried. Ben Ami, who was also a former Labor Party member of the Knesset and Foreign Minister in the government of Ehud Barak in 2000 and 2001, during remarks to the New America Foundation, March 13.

LaRouche Webcast Transcript: Averting Doom

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., delivered this international webcast on March 12, 2008, sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, in Washington, D.C. The webcast was moderated by LaRouche's national spokeswoman, Debra Freeman. What I'm going to present today, in order to be an effective presentation of what's important to be heard, is far-ranging in some respects. And therefore, with some precalculation, I have sorted out how much I will say here, pending the question period, to a number of topics which are essential.

Neo-Cons Lied about Saddam Hussein

A Report Produced for the US Military Proves Rumsfeld Lied About Saddam's Ties to Al Qaeda March 13, 2008 (LPAC)--Yet more evidence has emerged that one of the central justifications for the invasion of Iraq, that Saddam Hussein had ties to Al Qaeda, was a lie. This latest report, however, was produced on behalf of the U.S. military by the Institute for Defense Analyses, and was based on 600,000 pages of captured Iraqi documents, making it particularly sensitive.

China Must Protect Itself

China must curb import-dependence, and defend the yuan from speculators March 13, 2008 – Foreign investment flows into China shot up over 75% year on year to $18.13 billion in January and February, and some of that inflow is speculative “hot money” deployed by hedge funds, betting on the continued rise of the Chinese yaun against the US dollar, Commerce Minister Chen Deming, told the press in Beijing during the National Peoples Congress session.

Oregon Says: If you Want Health Insurance, Sign Up for the Lottery!

March 13, 2008 (LPAC)--Through its Oregon Health Plan, the state of Oregon only has enough money to serve 24,000 out of 130,000 low-income adults who lack private health insurance. There are 600,000 people overall in the state who lack any kind of health insurance. So, the state has decided to randomly select individuals--as in a lottery--out of the 91,000 low-income adults who have asked to enroll in the plan, which once served 100,000 people before budget cuts slashed the number of enrollees. Names will be drawn in batches of 3,000 each, until a total of 24,000 people have been chosen.

Opposition Blocks Lisbon Treaty Ratification in the Polish Parliament

March 13, 2008 (LPAC)--In an about-face that sent a shock from Warsaw to Brussels, yesterday, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the opposition PiS party in the Polish national parliament, said that he and his party reject the Lisbon Treaty, because it "cannot be accepted, as it is being interpreted in a way that threatens the sovereignty of some states."

Spitzer Was Hit Just After Confirming Support For Clinton

March 12, 2008 (LPAC)--The sting investigation and compelled resignation of New York Governor Elliot Spitzer was used, and perhaps planned, as a targetted attack on Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign. On March 6, the Boston Globe (owned by the New York Times) reported it had made a nationwide survey of superdelegates to see what were the effects of the Hillary Clinton victories in the March 4 Ohio and Texas primaries. The Globe found that there was a shift to "stand pat until the primaries are over," i.e.

British Empire Cheers Bail-Outs, `Nationalizing Losses,' and Hyperinflation for the U.S.

March 12, 2008 (LPAC)--The U.S. dollar went into a more dramatic collapse mode today after the Federal Reserve's panicked $400 billion liquidity-pumping announcement of March 11--but British spokesmen continue to call for more, including direct mass purchase of worthless bank securities by the Federal Reserve.

LaRouche: Why You're Paying $4 for Gasoline

March 12, 2008 (LPAC)--As the dollar dramatically collapsed below $1.55/euro today following the Federal Reserve's announcement of a huge new bank bailout, the "spot price" of a barrel of oil settled at just under $110, up 60% in six months, 25% in six weeks, and accelerating. The world's leading physical economist, Lyndon LaRouche, bluntly stated what is going on. LaRouche noted that the current gasoline price is heading for $4/gallon; but the Saudis, on long-term supply contracts, get only $3 per barrel for their oil at the wellhead.

El rescate de bancos españoles presenta problemas serios

París, 7 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— Retomando una información que ya habían reportado los corresponsales de la EIR en Europa y publicado en los sitios electrónicos de la EIR, el corresponsal en Frankfurt del periódico francés Les Echoes reportó que se sospecha que cierto banquero español creó valores y documentos estructurados (SIV) solo con el propósito de obtener efectivo del Banco Central Europeo (BCE).

Desaparecen los empleos, y la fuerza de trabajo también

7 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— La pérdida neta de empleos en Estados Unidos casi se triplicó de enero a febrero, alcanzando los 63,000 comparado con 22,000, según las estadísticas dadas a conocer hoy por la Oficina de Estadísticas Laborales. Esta fue la mayor pérdida neta en cinco años. De hecho, se eliminaron 89,000 empleos en el sector productor de bienes de la economía y no solo debido a la crisis hipotecaria; mientras que la construcción perdió 39,000 empleos las manufacturas perdieron 52,000 empleos, incluyendo 13,000 empleos en la industria automotriz.

De nuestros archivos: Chávez recuerda "esos días inolvidables" en Londres

From Our Files: Chavez On His "Unforgettable Days" in London10 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— "Yo recuerdo que estaba en Londres el año 1997 y coincidió mi visita, que fue coordinada por mi amigo [el embajador británico en Caracas] Wilkinson y también apoyada por nuestro amigo el embajador [venezolano en Londres], en esos días inolvidables que pasamos en Londres", dijo el recién inaugurado Presidente Hugo Chávez en su discurso de clausura de la IX Mesa Redonda sobre Venezuela, organizada por The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

LYM Confronts Rohatyn in D.C.

The LaRouche Youth Movement intervene on Felix Rohatyn Washington D.C.-- March 11, 2008 (LPAC)--This is a live account given by a LaRouche Youth Movement member after an intervention on that fascist Felix Rohatyn. On my way to the Senate Banking Committee hearing, a feeble old man shuffled onto my elevator. The smell confirmed indeed, that this pruny old fart was none other than Felix George Rohatyn, former US ambassador of France and founder of the New York Municipal Assistance Corporation.

Los británicos sacuden Sudamérica, advierte LaRouche

5 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— Las advertencias de Lyndon LaRouche sobre la manipulación británica en Sudamérica calaron hondo enmedio de la histeria de guerra que se generó recientemente. Donde las emociones y el romanticismo se imponen sobre el pensamiento estratégico, la advertencia de LaRouche —de que el cartel financiero angloholandés está usando peones británicos tontos tales como Hugo Chávez para provocar el caos y la guerra continental— está proporcionando una perspectiva estratégica que lleva a que la gente reflexione.

Rohatyn: necesitamos una dictadura global que dirija un Big Mac Global

6 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— Felix Rohatyn, actual vicepresidente de Lehman Brothers, explicó en detalle su plan explícito de un nuevo orden mundial fascista, insinuando que él sería el dictador económico perfecto, en una amplia entrevista que le concedió al corresponsal en Nueva York del principal periódico sobre economía de Francia Les Echos el 11 de febrero.

El ex ministro de finanzas de Italia Giulio Tremonti propone un "Nuevo Bretton Woods"

7 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— Giulio Tremonti hizo esta propuesta en la hora de mayor audiencia en el popular programa de comentarios políticos de la televisora nacional Raidue. Tremonti dijo que el deterioro en las condiciones laborales en Italia y el desplome del poder de compra se deben a la "locura de la globalización". La globalización es una locura inventada "por un grupo de desquiciados, de locos iluminati, que decidieron en las últimas dos décadas dividir el mundo en dos partes: Asia como productores a bajo costo y los Estados Unidos y Europa como consumidores.

Ali Bloomberg y sus cuarenta ladrones

7 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— Lyndon LaRouche hizo el siguiente comentario a LPAC, luego de las elecciones primarias del martes 4 de marzo: "Nuestras acciones en las elecciones primarias del martes en Texas, Ohio y Rhode Island, que debilitó la ofensiva para obligar a que Hillary Clinton abandonase la contienda presidencial ha provocado un pánico total de nuestro enemigo con sede en Londres. Ahora lo que presenciaremos será la presión descomunal del dinero sobre John McCain para comprar el boleto de Bloomberg como la pareja vicepresidencial de la candidatura del Partido Republicano.

From Our Files: Chavez On His "Unforgettable Days" in London

March 11, 2008 (LPAC)--"I remember that I was in London in 1997, and my visit was coordinated by my friend [British Ambassador to Venezuela] Wilkinson, and also supported by our friend the Ambassador [Venezuela's to London], in those unforgettable days we spent in London," said the newly inaugurated President Hugo Chavez on May 21, 1999, in his closing address to the 9th Round Table on Venezuela organized by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The EIU began holding its "Round Tables on Venezuela" as a means of destabilizing, and then controlling, Rafael Caldera's

Tremonti: New Bretton Woods is Key Proposal in My Book

March 11, 2008 (LPAC)--Former Italian Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti's call for a New Bretton Woods has become the headline story in at least a dozen websites in Italy as of today, based on an interview Tremonti gave to Italyglobalnation, a service run by the national press agency ADN-Kronos, entirely focussed on the new Bretton Woods. Ign's headline reads: "Tremonti: a global agreement to avert the crisis - The former Economics Minister to Ign: `We need a new Bretton Woods.

Jobs Disappear, and So Does the Workforce

March 7, 2008 (LPAC)--Net job losses nearly tripled from January to February, reaching 63,000 from 22,000, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This was the largest number of net losses in five years. In fact, 89,000 jobs in the good-producing sector of the economy were eliminated, and not just because of the “housing crisis”: while 39,000 jobs were lost in construction, 52,000 were lost in manufacturing, including 13,000 in the auto industry.

The Fed Screams: The Fire is Out of Control - Pour On More Fuel!

March 7, 2008 (LPAC) - Noting that there is a "deepening credit crisis" in the banking system, the lunatics at the Federal Reserve today announced that their hyperinflationary pumping of cash into the banking system has simply not been fast enough - so they will double the pace. Rather than auctioning a mere $30 billion on March 10 and March 24 (as they have done monthly for the past several months) , they will increase that to $50 billion each. Not enough?

Carlyle Collapse Shows that Fannie and Freddie are Bankrupt

March 7, 2008 (LPAC) - The impending collapse of Carlyle Capital, the mortgage-backed securities scam set up by Carlyle Group, is best seen as a reflection of the actual bankruptcy of the two biggest mortgage entities in the US - Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Carlyle Capital is frantically liquidating portions of its $22 billion portfolio, trying to stop the hemorrhaging, as its investors are dumping their holdings as fast as they can. Trading of Carlyle Capital stock was suspended today in Amsterdam trading, after they failed to repay lenders.

Ali Bloomberg and His Forty Thieves

March 7, 2008 (LPAC)--LaRouche: “Our actions in Tuesday's primary elections in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, which crippled the drive to force Hillary Clinton out of the Presidential race, have thrown our London-centered enemies into a real state of panic. Now, we are going to see massive money pressure brought down on John McCain, pressure to buy Michael Bloomberg's way into the GOP vice presidential slot."

British Destabilization in Jerusalem

Eight Dead, Dozens Injured in Jerusalem Religious School Attack March 6, 2008 (LPAC)--A mass killing at a Jerusalem religious school, Mercaz Herav, a high school, and seminary is the worst terrorist attack in Jerusalem since January, 2004, when 11 people were killed in a bus bombing. Seven students were killed, and dozens more injured when the Palestinian gunmen fired on them before being killed himself by an Israeli SWAT team, reported the London Independent.

¡Otra vez Cheney y el partido belicista!: el despliegue de la armada estadounidense aumenta la posibilidad de guerra

1 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— El gobierno de Bush ha despachado al oriente del Mediterráneo barcos de guerra, encabezados por el USS Cole y el USS Nassau en un desplante de diplomacia de las cañoneras que amenaza con desatar en realidad una nueva guerra en el Medio Oriente. Fuentes de inteligencia de alto nivel en E.U. le confirmaron hoy a la EIR que están alarmados de que los Estados Unidos hayan desplegado estas fuerzas navales a la región, en asociación con Arabia Saudita.

Cuando las ilusiones fallan, los banqueros atacan la realidad

3 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).- Los banqueros son, con mucho, una partida totalmente predecible que prefiere sus ilusiones de solvencia a la realidad de la quiebra, así que no debe sorprender ver que algunos están promoviendo la línea de que los reglamentos contables demasiado restrictivos son los que están exagerando los problemas en el sistema financiero. Por supuesto que estos alegatos están encontrando eco en el Wall Street Urinal, que dedica un artículo de primera página a sus gimoteos.

¿Se pasaron de marrulleros los republicanos texanos?

4 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— Se han escuchado algunos aullidos provenientes de las oficinas centrales del Partido Republicano en Houston, en la medida en que parece que les está saliendo el tiro por la culata en su estrategia extraoficial: exhortar a los republicanos a que votaran en las Primarias Demócratas para ayudar al más débil de los dos demócratas; porque los "estrategas" republicanos están cada vez más confundidos sobre ¡cuál de los dos es el más débil!

LaRouche: Hillary Clinton está mostrando liderato bajo fuego

3 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— En vísperas de las elecciones primarias de Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island y Vermont, Lyndon LaRouche dió a conocer una declaración, elogiando a la candidata Hillary Clinton, por no dejarse presionar incluso cuando muchos de su entorno ya estaban cediendo ante las presiones. El hecho de que no esté titubeando, que no se esté echando para atrás, es una señal de que está mostrando un liderato real, y esto es algo que va a ser fundamental en la próxima Presidencia.

LaRouche felicita a Hillary Clinton por su victorias en las primarias demócratas del martes

4 de marzo de 2008 (LPAC).— A las 9 p.m., tiempo del Este, Lyndon LaRouche felicitó a Hillary Clinton por su clara victoria en las elecciones primarias de Ohio y Texas, entre los votantes demócratas. En Ohio, la asistencia fue masiva y los primeros resultados señalaban una victoria de Clinton. En Ohio, los republicanos no pueden votar en las elecciones demócratas. En Texas, los primeros resultados muestran que Hillary Clinton ganó entre los votantes demócratas, incluyendo una alta votación entre los demócratas que habían estado indecisos en los últimos días antes de la primaria.

LaRouche desenmascara a las FARC como una operación británica para destruir la soberanía nacional en Sudamérica

6 de marzo (LPAC)—El estadista norteamericano Lyndon LaRouche reveló el 5 de marzo la trama británica para desatar la guerra por toda Sudamérica, como parte de su estrategia internacional de borrar del mapa el Estado nacional soberano "globalizándolo", y de imponer el fascismo en medio de la desintegración en marcha del sistema financiero mundial.

Record Foreclosures

America Declaring Independence, Again

March 6, 2008 (LPAC)—Rhode Island may have been the last of the thirteen colonies to sign the constitution, but they became the first state to reinstitute the constitution for the general welfare principle by passing LaRouche’s Homeowners and Bank Protection Act.

This comes at a point were the global financial system is clearly dismantling and one residue of this collapse is the insolvency of the major global banks, e.g. Citigroup, and the rising threat of home foreclosures. According to the Washington Post today, “Home foreclosures soared to an all-time high in the final quarter of last year, underscoring the suffering of distressed homeowners…”

LaRouche: La operación británica de las FARC busca destruir la unidad de las Américas.

4 de marzo del 2008 (LPAC).— En discusiones hoy sobre el deterioro en las relaciones y el peligro de guerra entre las naciones sudamericanas, Lyndon LaRouche denunció la "entromisión británica en el hemisferio", tanto en el montaje de la operación de las FARC, como en la manipulación del combate a las FARC, para "poner en peligro la unidad de las Américas en torno al proceso del Banco del Sur". Har varios factores aquí, dijo. "Los británicos están actuando contra los intereses de los Estados Unidos en todo el mundo.

Citigroup Needs Federal Protection; Arab Funds Say 'Cannot Save It'

March 5, 2008 (LPAC)--Shares of struggling Citigroup Inc. fell yesterday to their lowest level since November 1998 after the head of a Dubai-owned investment firm said the largest U.S. bank needs to raise many billions more in new capital in order to survive its massive losses, and that Middle East wealth funds could not save it. Sameer al-Ansari, chief executive officer of Dubai International Capital, said Citigroup would need "a lot more money" on top of some $30 billion already raised from investors including Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

LaRouche conversa con dirigentes italianos

28 de febrero de 2008 (LPAC).— El jueves 28 de febrero, Lyndon LaRouche fue el invitado de honor en una conferencia organizada por Executive Intelligence Review en Roma, Italia, auspiciada por el Senado italiano. La reunión, titulada "Una solución 'Rooseveltiana' a la crisis sistémica internacional", se organizó en forma de diálogo entre LaRouche y representantes del gobierno de Italia e instituciones empresariales.

LaRouche hablará por internet el 12 de marzo: EVITEMOS LA DESTRUCCIÓN

Tal como sucedió tras la Depresión de Hoover de 1929-1933, hoy se cierne de nuevo sobre Europa y Estados Unidos de América una ola de amenazas fascistas instigadas desde su seno. El presidente Franklin Delano Roosevelt evitó en aquel entonces que los fascistas tomaran EUA y encabezó la movilización económica que le permitió aplastarlos en Europa. Escucha al principal estadista y economista estadounidense, Lyndon LaRouche, en la videoconferencia internacional que dará por internet el 12 de marzo desde Washington, D.C., a la 1 p.m. (hora del este de EU).

Chavez Responds Exactly as British Empire Would Have Him

March 3, 2008 (LPAC)-Lyndon LaRouche noted that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has "gone a little bit wild" with his March 1 threats against Colombia, and that he is "sucking for a catastrophe" in the region by what he is doing. Ever since Chavez explicitly defended the British operation to sink the dollar and the United States with it, back in November of last year, and called for "revolutionary forces" across South America to hit the U.S. flank, he has shifted policy, LaRouche explained.

Obama is Being Dumped, Now

March 2, 2008 (LPAC)--Barack Obama is a patsy, and will be disposed of as soon as he completes the task that the bankers have assigned him of knocking Hillary Clinton out of the Presidential race, in order to install fascist Michael Bloomberg as President, to enforce Mussolini-style Corporativism through the executive office. London has stepped up its drive to saturate the world with the exposé of the dealings between Obama and indicted Chicago businessman Tony Rezko, in outlets ranging from the Times of London and Associated Press, to the New York Times.

Bloomberg miente: ‘No contiendo’, pero babeo sólo de pensarlo

Volante bilingual (inglés y español) en formato PDFQue no te vean la cara con el dizque anuncio que hizo Bloomberg el 28 de febrero en un editorial del New York Times, de que “no contiendo” por la presidencia. Ve la realidad y contrástala con lo que Lyndon LaRouche lleva meses diciendo: el sistema financiero ya cayó; está condenado a desaparecer este mismo año.