Important Press Releases from the March 7 Webcast Proceedings

13 de marzo de 2007

Important press releases from the proceedings:





LPAC press release

LaRouche: A Bill of Impeachment Against Cheney Should Be Done Right Now

March 10, 2007

Speaking at an international webcast from Washington, D.C., March 7, Lyndon LaRouche, head of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, was asked "how does the Bush administration justify its actions" in the Iraq war, with torture, detentions of innocent people, and attempts to provoke a war against Iran, "to its own population."

"There is nothing that can justify the Bush-Cheney Administration, and it's a futile effort to try to do so," LaRouche replied. "A bill of impeachment against Cheney, being drafted in the House of Representatives, for presentation to the joint body of the Congress, for impeachment trial, should be done right now. And I would like to know why it's not being done. Lying to get the United States into a war, and lying in the way that Cheney has done, and bullying in the way Cheney has done, is specific grounds, in fact, for impeachment. They should be impeached."

"The problem is the Democrats who should be doing it, are under the influence of other Democrats who have cut a deal, and have agreed to keep impeachment off the agenda until 2008. That's the problem. You know, look back at history: Take the history of the French Revolution, its evolution from 1783 on with the Treaty of Paris, and you see again and again and again in history a situation like now, where the required course of action is clear, objectively clear. It's clear to anyone who wants to face reality. Instead, there are excuses, like `But, don't you understand, but don't you understand, but don't you understand?...' And again, for one reason or another, `This is not the right time, it's not the right time!'

"And if we go down as a civilization, we'll go down for reasons like that, not for any other kind of reason. That's the reason why civilizations go down. Because no one will stand up who's in a position to stand up, who should stand up and take the point on the issue. That's our problem. We have a bunch of people who pride themselves in being powerful--in their own opinion--influential, in fact, but on the crucial issues which determine the fate of humanity, or just the fate of the nation, they don't act! And then they give you reasons why they didn't.

"But the price is, the nation goes down, again and again nations go down, or virtually go down, in some terrible problem, as the result of simply refusing to face the obvious: We must get rid of the Bush-Cheney Administration. We must do it in an artful way, but it must occur."



LPAC press release

Be Optimistic: A Global LYM Can Create A Renaissance

March 7, 2007

The issue is for science to develop "a new Renaissance, then we can be optimistic about society," said Lyndon LaRouche in his March 7 webcast.

"The key thing here is that, our educational system stinks," said LaRouche, who counterposed this, to his recent "first-hand happy experience" where young people from the LaRouche Youth Movement "starting out with a project on the Kepler I, did a job which became a launching pad for Kepler II.... were able to achieve in a limited period of months, fulfill a project above the standard which is achieved in the university today, in the same period of time."

The previous work "is now a launching pad for a Gauss project which is based on looking at what most people don't know about Gauss, but what can be found out about what he knew about Kepler," LaRouche, who had laid out the basic parameters for this project, elaborated.

"So, when you see what young people in this age group, this so-called university-eligible age group, are capable of doing, instead of being barked at and spit at by some professor with a mandatory course, actually go through the experience that was done in the past, in the original university efforts, where the students ran the universities--not like some crazy yuppies or something like that--but they ran them, in the sense that they were educating themselves, and they used the people around there who had knowledge, as a resource they tapped, in order to proceed with their self-education....

"With a grounding and starting on their own, in selected teams, mixed teams, five, six people, so forth, they were able to achieve in a limited period of months, fulfill a project above the standard which is achieved in the university today, in the same period of time. And this process has been progressive, in its effect.

"So therefore, I think the key thing we have to think about, is to make the whole society a youth movement of that type, and use that approach to build up the same effect, like a Renaissance effect, coming from Italy.

"Think of the 15th-Century Renaissance. Brunelleschi had a task of completing the cupola on this Cathedral of Florence, and what method does he use to solve an otherwise impossible problem? The hanging chain! A catenary! He used the catenary principle as a principle of physics, which was otherwise not known until Leibniz's development of the principle of least action, to design something. And you take the other things that were developed in that brief period in Italy, of the Renaissance, and you see in that and other similar cases, unique cases in past history, that this can be done.

"I think the thing to do is to take an optimistic view, not as a fanciful optimistic view ... that things will turn up, but a real view, that if we concentrate on developing the human being to develop these intellectual powers to solve problems, that we will find ourselves able to solve problems. The thing that is frightening about the situation today, and in recent decades, is the fact that the attention to developing the capability of young people coming into adulthood, to solve problems of this type themselves, to make progress, that's what's not happening. And that is frightening. I think if we can make that change, and think--as in Italy and elsewhere--the program is a new Renaissance, when we develop it here, we develop it there, then we can be optimistic about humanity."

Global Warming "Scientists" Kissing Up To Sister Cheney's Campus Gestapo

In answering questions that defended the CO2theory behind global warming and Al Gore's "climate change" hoax, Lyndon LaRouche took a hard line, saying,

"The corruption from the top is beyond belief. And every one of us who is involved in this process, in or outside of the Congress and the committees, knows it. The question they ask is, `How can we stand up to this, with all this prestige behind these lies?

"Sophistry! Sophistry! Sophistry! And it's those of us who can stand up to this sophistry and say, `We demand the truth. Now, let's ask you some questions, Mr. So-called Scientist. Let's ask you the following question: What do you think of the ice bores? You say the ice bores are valuable? What kind of a faker are you, Mr. Expert?' The test proof is, they're not reliable. Anybody who uses these things is a liar, or an incompetent. CO2is not a determinant of global warming. Water will tend to have more effect on global warming; CO2is fractional.

"So, if you look at it from the standpoint of scientific evidence, rather than the sophistry of hearing what people -- so and so comes in, decorated with such and such credentials. Well, who sent him? Whose butt is he kissing? You have to take a hard view of these matters. This is a fraud; I stand by, it's a fraud, and if you don't like it, you can go to hell!"

The answer was to a question from a Democratic Congressional office, which said that they are no "fans" of Al Gore, but "if you separate the issue itself from Al Gore... the fact is ... one reputable scientist after another, express[es] views ranging from concern to alarm about this very question. They also have provided a mountain of evidence. Now, are you asking us to accept that they are all wrong? These are scientists, they are not people with a political agenda."

LaRouche replies that "We've had a chance to look at some of these arguments from so-called scientists. Some of them have scientific credentials, but their moral credentials are in question. This is a time -- if you look at what's going on at the campuses, for example, you get an insight into this thing. Take the case of the wife of Cheney -- or maybe he's the wife, I don't know -- with her organization, ACTA, which is functioning as a Gestapo on the campuses. And if you look at the phenomenon of this Gestapo on the campuses, run by Lynne Cheney, which has been in place in the United States since about 1987, when she's been active in this area, you see the degree to which the scientists on campuses are victims of terror.

Now, these scientists on campuses don't tend to, tend not to be the strongest types in the world. Also, they happen to be of a generation called the Baby Boomer Generation.... And most of the scientists who speak up against this openly, are of an older generation -- mine or slightly younger...."

The experts who are cited by the likes of Gore "may be accredited as this or that, but.... The ones who are marched up to tell you this, and support this, are lying.... Their careers, their bonuses, their book publications, their speaking engagements here and there, their positions on faculties, whether they're fired or not. And if you look at the terror that is being run on the campuses right now by Lynne Cheney's organization, which is also Joe Lieberman's organization, you have a Nazi-like operation running under Lynne Cheney on these campuses today. And it affects the professors as well as it does the students, probably more the professors, who in a sense are more vulnerable.... And careers are based on kissing the butt of what Lynne Cheney's crowd demands."



LPAC press release

LaRouche: The Only Way To Deal With Hedge Funds Is To Declare Them Illegal

March 7, 2007

In response to a question from a fellow of the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution, about his evaluation of transparency legislation that has been proposed in the Senate, that would subject hedge funds to the same rules and regulations as those of other financial and trading outlets, leading economist Lyndon LaRouche responded as follows:

" You're out of time! Time has been exhausted for that. Of course I supported such measures in times past. But now it's too late! The train has left the station! This system is coming down now! The only thing that you can do which makes any sense is to outlaw this kind of practice. The only action that means anything. It should be outlawed immediately! Now, that would have catastrophic effects, too, because the entire financial system today depends upon that swindle. You have to look at my Triple Curve, the phase two Triple Curve. Look at where we are on that map. You're now in an out-of-control, hyperinflationary skyrocket. The only thing you can do is bring it down. When you bring it down, where do you land? How do you land? What's your parachute?

"What you have to deal with now: Declare this stuff illegal. You don't have to tax them. You confiscate everything in sight! Best taxation we can get. Confiscate it! It's unheard of! Look what it's doing, look at the damage this stuff is doing to the world. It takes perfectly legitimate firms, which were established by responsible people, moves in on them, grabs them on leverage without actually paying for them, loots them of all the cash and assets it has to pay for what they got free, in net effect, and then moves onto the next place, leaving a stinking hulk behind. You want to find a way to tax these guys? You want to exterminate them! Shut the things down! These should never have been allowed to happen. There is no concept of real equity in a system that allows this to occur.

"A guy sits out there with a bunch of borrowed money, borrowed from fictitious sources, he puts it up as a showing of his money; he says, `We're buying that stock! We're going to get control of this company!' He gets control of the company, he loots the treasury to cover the debt he had in buying the place up, skims the fragments off, and runs off to the next place. These are locusts , as described by Muentefering of the Social Democratic Party in Germany. They're locusts. A guy comes in, robs your house, and says, `Now you owe me for the repairs to this house!' What people get sucked into is the idea, `Well, we have to do it in a business-like way.' Well, give them the business!"