Congressman Kucinich Files Articles Of Impeachment Against Cheney

24 de abril de 2007

April 24 (LPAC)-Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) filed three articles of Impeachment against Vice President Richard Cheney Today. Kucinich said he is doing this to try to stop Cheney from starting a war against Iran, as he had done under false pretenses in 2003 against Iraq.

The three Articles of Impeachment charge that:

(1) Cheney manipulated the intelligence process and lied to the nation about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction;

(2) Cheney manipulated the intelligence process and lied to the nation about Iraq's alleged ties to Al Qaeda;

(3) Cheney has "openly threatened aggression against the Republic on Iran absent any real threat to the United States."

Lyndon LaRouche first called for Cheney's removal from office in 2002, during the build-up for the Iraq war. And in his March 7, 2007 international webcast, LaRouche again stressed the urgency of impeaching Cheney first. The campaign has been taken up by the LaRouche Youth Movement, which will raising the impeachment of Cheney at the California State Democratic Party convention in San Diego on April 28.

Speaking at a press conference announcing the filing of H.R. 333, the resolution containing the Articles of Impeachment, Kucinich declared that, "It is urgent that Congress take steps to check the abuse of power" being carried out by Cheney, and "that's what this impeachment resolution will do."

Later, on CNN's "Situation Room," Kucinich explained that the reason he is doing this now, "is because the Vice President is beating the same drums of war against Iran that he beat against Iraq under false pretenses." Kucinich emphasized that he is going for Cheney first, because if President Bush were impeached first, then Cheney would become President.

The Articles of Impeachment and related documents are at: