CA Democratic Party's Resolution Committee Clings to Losing Strategy; the “Old Politics”

28 de abril de 2007

April 2007 (LPAC) -- This is the big weekend of the California Democratic Party's State Convention, where the party's Resolution Committee is being forced to deal with the reality of Cheney's pending impeachment, and the fraud of Al Gore's Global Warming sophistry.

Below is a quick view of the battle going on, as of Saturday morning April 28, inside the Resolution Committee.

Global Warming Resolution:

The LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) has led the fight in refuting Al Gore's global warming campaign. Michael Steger, a member of the LYM, introduced the LYM resolution refuting the Global Warming "consensus" before the Resolution Committee on Friday night. The resolution cited the petition of 17,000 scientists who have demonstrated that there is no consensus on global warming, the content of the UK Channel Four's movie "Global Warming Swindle", and other scientific considerations. Steger spoke before the resolution committee for 2 minutes stressing that arresting industrial development, the actual intent of the so-called "anti-global warming" policies, was immoral, and means genocide in the developing world. Steger concluded by asking the group to think big and go with the proposals of Lyndon LaRouche and the Russian Government - i.e. the Bering tunnel project and nuclear power expansion. Three officials from the Resolution Committee responded; one said I'm a scientist and there are many inconsistencies here, the second just complained, and the third concluded saying lets vote. The resolution was voted down, but the LaRouche Youth Movement will be bringing it up again on Saturday.

Impeachment Resolution:

The Progressive Democrats along with the LaRouche Democrats were ready for a fight with the Resolution Committee on the question of impeachment of Dick Cheney. There were four different resolutions, one calling for Bush's impeachment, another calling for both Cheney's and Bush's impeachment, and the LYM's resolution demanded Cheney's impeachment (as does the bill of impeachment by Rep. Dennis Kucinich). Oyang Tang of the LYM spoke before the committee. He reiterated and agreed with many of the other speakers and stressed the importance of passing this resolution. Oyang mentioned Rep. Kucinich's resolution and explained further that without a strong message on Cheney's impeachment the United States would soon be at war with Iran. The Resolution Committee flunked the Cheney test, deciding instead to stand with one of their resolutions passed last year. The watered down version calls for a full investigation of the Bush Administration for possible criminal implications. LaRouche Youth organizers reported that the atmosphere was tense as many exclaimed that this has already been done or that the crimes of the Administration are already widely known. A board member responded to one of our organizers after he was challenged to rise to the occasion, "I take umbrage when someone calls me spineless. There is one Democrat not running for the Presidency who has no desire to be President, and so we should respect the wishes of Nancy Pelosi who does not want to be President" - i.e., because Pelosi would become President if Bush and Cheney were removed, and she doesn't "want" to be President, therefore we must not impeach the criminals destroying our nation and threatening world war! More to come tomorrow as the conference unfolds.