LYM Brings LaRouche's Solutions to Detroit Town Meetings on Impeachment and Gas Prices

30 de may de 2007

May 30, 2007 (LPAC)--Last night, the LaRouche Youth Movement warned a meeting of 250 activists from Detroit and the surrounding areas that either the U.S. Congress impeaches warmonger Dick Cheney, or we will LOSE the United States. Rep. John Conyers had been invited to speak on a panel including Ray McGovern and others to address the impeachment of Cheney and Bush. LYM organizer, Shawn van Leeuwen briefed the audience on the passage of a resolution by the California State Democratic Party, one of 14 state Democratic Parties, supporting an impeachment or forced resignation of Vice President Dick Cheney. At the end of the event, which Rep. John Conyers attended only briefly-but long enough to get a whiff of the anger at him for not putting impeachment on the table-the LYM sang rousing canons, "Impeach Dick Cheney While You Still Can", sung to the music of Felix Mendelssohn.

The LYM represented the voice of reason at two angry town meetings of citizens of Michigan, where Detroit citizens raked Conyers over the coals for his failure to bring impeachment to the House Judiciary Committee, which he chairs, and for the economic disaster that is killing the citizens of Michigan. Nearly 350 citizens attended two simultaneous meetings: about 250 people at an event called to rally support for impeachment Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, and over 80 at a Conyers town meeting on rising oil prices titled, "Pain at the Pump." There was so much rage expressed by the citizens at the Wayne State University (WSU) meeting on oil and gas prices that Detroit police were brought in to line the back of the meeting room to restore order, if needed. What were the people saying? In response to the CEO of Next Energy who spoke about alternative energies, one angry woman exclaimed, "I can't even afford $5 of gas, or pay my bills on housing, and you're here talking about alternative energies?" Most people in the lower 80% of family income brackets cannot afford hybrid cars. Rep. Conyers could not give any solutions to this economic disaster; copies of the LaRouche PAC pamphlets were grabbed up, flying out of LYM organizers' hands. Many of the citizens-linked to the collapsing auto and machine tools industries that were shut down by the "locust" hedge fund takeovers-were briefed on Lyndon LaRouche's Emergency Reconstruction Act, and plan for retooling the auto industry to rebuild infrastructure. The organizing focused on getting the citizens to organize Congress to adopt LaRouche's measures.

LYM Warns: It's Impeachment or Ungovernability

At the larger town meeting on impeachment, sponsored by Veterans for Peace and other activist organizations, Rep. Conyers only stayed a few minutes, not even listening to the speakers before he went to his own Town Meeting. But even in those few minutes, he got a whiff of the population's anger at the Democrats' inaction on impeachment and stopping the war.

One of the important statements came from Detroit City Council member, JoAnn Watson, who emphasized the need to organize the population and said that, "we must impeach Cheney like our life depended on it - because it does." In May --, the Detroit City Council passed a resolution to impeach Cheney and Bush, and one of the people on the Council is Monica Conyers, the wife of Rep. John Conyers. (Some Conyers' supporters have advised, "Congressman, listen to your wife!") Later, he told Associated Press after attending the impeachment rally that he "supports that nationwide," but he does not intend to bring impeachment before his committee. AP reported that Conyers said, "that he encourages nationwide efforts to build support for impeaching Bush.", one of the sponsoring organizations of the impeachment event said that "for about a year now there have been two Congressmen Conyers, the defender of the Constitution and the follower of Nancy Pelosi in her ban on impeachment.. Both John Conyers came on Tuesday, and they both left partway through the event.."

The audience was so worked up about Congress' capitulation on the Iraq war funding and lack of impeachment, that many of them were venting their rage with threats about leaving the Democratic Party for a third party alternative-exactly as LaRouche was warning. This gave the high ground to the LaRouche organizers, who are engaged in the NATIONAL effort to impeach Cheney.

But if Conyers thought he was escaping to "safer" territory, he was wrong! At Wayne State, his constituents were furious over the economic collapse, home foreclosures, and inability to afford gas for their cars, even if they were lucky enough to still have a job.

The LYM was there again, to provide the leadership of LaRouche and the return to the FDR solutions. Rep. Conyers assembled a panel to answer the concerns regarding high gas prices in the northern Midwest and opened with remarks on the battle in the House with big oil companies, focusing on Anti-Trust laws.

The general mood was that of an angry mob; but when people calmed down, the questions were all about ideas that the Lyndon LaRouche has been organizing: the no future generation, the collapse of auto, the monetary crisis. Conyers chose to avoid the topic of impeachment! This congressman is so popular in the district that he was able to draw in the governor and speakers from all over the state and nearly one hundred people on short notice.

Afterwards, Danny Makrides spoke to John Conyers asking him join Kucinich's fight to impeach Dick Cheney, saying that the impeachment of Cheney is the only way to stop the war with Iran.

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