Is Congress Unaware of the Mood of the People?

31 de may de 2007

Is Congress Unaware of the Mood of the People?

May 31, 2007 (LPAC)--Despite his best efforts at evasion and resistance, Rep. Jim McDermott's town hall meeting in Seattle yesterday was transformed into a raucous impeachment rally by frustrated citizens and members of the LaRouche Youth Movement. This is simply the latest example in a pattern of explosive confrontations between the base of the Democratic Party and its elected Congressional representatives, who so far have opted to thumb their noses at their own constituents while kissing the butt of a party "leadership" which continues its delusional mantra that "impeachment is off the table." That message has not been received warmly by the electorate.

Consider the report from LYM members who attended Wednesday's town hall meeting with Rep. McDermott. When they arrived, there was already a petition circulating calling for support of Rep. Kucinich's (D-OH) bill of impeachment against Cheney. Inside the event, a LYM organizer was the first to ask a question, calling on the Congressman to give his position on impeachment. When he wouldn't support it, hands immediately shot up throughout the crowd of over 100. From then on, almost every question raised by the audience was on impeachment, and to every lame excuse given by the Congressman as to why he couldn't (or wouldn't) back the effort, came the retort: "Why not??"

When McDermott tried to claim that, "We can't do it; we don't have the votes and they know we don't have them!" the crowd shot back, "The reason why they think that, is because you're standing there saying it!"

When he suggested that the "Raging Grannies" wait until after the meeting to sing, they burst out with an impeachment song to the tune of an old ditty.

When he tried to find safe haven by changing the subject to Global Warming, the people demanded: "What about impeachment?"

The last question was asked by a LYM organizer, who brought up the principle of Classical tragedy. She directly challenged the Congressman's pessimistic worldview, including his assertion that war with Iran is inevitable, saying that it was that type of thinking which is the essence of tragedy. "The question is not, 'What will happen if we go for impeachment?' but 'What will happen if we don't go for impeachment?'" Having lost his cool under the barrage of 'tough-love' from his constituents, he could only reply by whining, "What do you think we should do?! Look, I'm not a dictator!" LaRouche notes that Congressmen are under ever-greater pressure for impeachment from their constituents, and ever-greater pressure from some of their moneybags, against it. As LaRouche said recently, it's time for Democrats to wake up!

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