From Moscow, Lugovoy Says He Has Proof of British Intelligence Involvement in Litvinenko Murder

31 de may de 2007

May 31, 2007 (LPAC)--Andrei Lugovoy, wanted in Britain in connection with the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, said at a Moscow press conference yesterday that London exile Boris Berezovsky was the likely murderer, and that he had proof of British Intelligence involvement in the murder, according to RIA-Novosti and Reuter s today.

Lugovoy said that both Litvinenko and Berezovsky worked for MI6 (British Intelligence). Of the three hypotheses on who killed Litvinenko: MI6, Russian Mafia and Berezovsky,-- Lugovoy said he tends to believe that the third is true. "The third theory looks the most likely to me. I am talking about Boris Berezovsky, who is well known as an outstanding master of political intrigues," Lugovoy said according to Reuters . Novosti adds that he said he could prove the British secret services' involvement.

"I am very serious about what I am saying, including these accusations," Lugovoy said. Lugovoy said he himself had been asked to become a British agent, too. "The British basically proposed that I collect any materials to discredit Vladimir Putin and his family," Lugovoy said, according to RIA-Novosti . "Today I would like to make an announcement, which should shed some light on this dark political story, where the main roles were played by the British secret service and their agents Berezovsky and the late Litvinenko." He quoted Litvinenko telling him that he had been the first to be recruited by the British secret services. "And then Berezovsky followed his advice and handed over some documents from the [Russian] Security Council, which he held as a former deputy council secretary, and became an MI6 agent. Then acquiring [British] citizenship became a purely technical matter for him."

"I cannot get away from the thought that Litvinenko was an agent who had gone out of control and they [MI6] got rid of him," Lugovoy said, according to Reuters . Asked whether he had firm proof of British intelligence involvement in the murder, Lugovoy defiantly replied: "Yes!" Lugovoy also alleged that Litvinenko had obtained compromising material which could jeopardize Berezovsky's political refugee status, and claimed that this could have provided a motive for his murder, according to Reuters .