The June 2007 Issue of Dynamis is Out!

5 de julio de 2007

The June 2007 issue of Dynamis is out! This issue is published in honor of those who fought against the suppression of Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler, and science in general, during and after the mis-named Enlightenment. To understand this, and to understand why Kepler’'s follower, Karl Gauss, does not belong to the Empiricists, one must look into the mind of Abraham Gotthelf Kästner, enemy of that traitor to human creativity, Leonhard Euler.

Lyndon LaRouche opens the issue with a comment on the ongoing celebrations in honor of champion Empiricist Euler’s 300th birthday. The rest of the issue presents a study by Michael Kirsch (currently residing in The LaRouche Basement), on Kästner’s view of Nicholas of Cusa. Kästner himself indicated what LaRouche has in recent times made explicit: modern science begins with Cusa. Included as source material, are Kirsch’'s two translations from Kästner’s Geschichte der Mathematik. The next few issues will zero in on the other work being done in The Basement, as a prelude to rediscovering how Gauss determined the Orbit of Ceres.

We are now living in a period LaRouche has referred to many times in the past, when our fellow man experiences an amplification of his ability to impart and receive profound and impassioned conceptions respecting man and the universe. This is the end of the system, and the population is thirsting for those conceptions. This is why the premier journal on the LaRouche-Riemann method of physical economics is available in PDF! Print these out and circulate them!

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