World Nuclear Association Head Says: World Can Build 5 Nuclear Reactors Per Week!

7 de julio de 2007

July 7, 2007 (LPAC)--"If the OECD countries, plus China and India, were
to build at France's 1980s start-up rate, the result would be
five reactors per week, rather than one," stated John Ritch,
director-general of the World Nuclear Association, July 4. France
built an average of 3.4 reactors per year from 1977 to 1993,
achieving a nuclear share of electricity near 80 percent.
Ritch was responding to a new report issued by the Oxford
Research Group in Britain, "Too Hot to Handle? The Future of
Civil Nuclear Power." This report concludes that ``nuclear power
should be taken out of the energy mix," because of concerns with
proliferation, and safety and because it would be impossible to
build even 48 new reactors per year, between now and 2075. This
is the construction rate the Oxford report says would be required
to combat global warming.
"Whereas the authors dismiss as a pipedream the idea that
the world's nations might somehow combine to build one reactor a
week," Ritch said, "the future expansion of nuclear power will
probably be even more rapid." Ritch labelled the Oxford report as
"a grab bag of fatuities that blends ignorance and ideology in
equal measure." His remarks were reported in the World Nuclear
Ritch's estimate of the nuclear construction potential
coheres with that of Jim Muckerheide, the state nuclear engineer
of Massachusetts, who calculated that the world will need 6,000
new nuclear plants by the year 2050 to keep up with the energy
Link to Muckerheide's article below:
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