Australian LYM Raises the Nazi Eugenics Roots of Environmentalism

12 de julio de 2007

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]July 12, 2007(LPAC) At a live Australian Broadcasting Corporation debate on Global warming, with 15 Larouche activists present in the audience out of 80 attendees, the ALYM and Australian chapter members present got to ask 4 questions to the panelists, exposing the genocidal roots of environmental philosophy. [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]The show was aired at 8:30pm, the two and a half hour broadcast on Australian TV started with a showing of the Global Warming Swindle documentary, then showed 2 interviews. The first was with the director of the documentary, Martin Durkin, in which he fended off attacks on his work. The other was with Karl Wunsch, the MIT oceanographer who has said that his contributions to the documentary were misquoted and misconstrued. After this, a live broadcast roundtable discussion was held with 5 "warmers" and 3 "skeptics." Some notable panelists were Professor Bob Carter, (James Cook University), Australia's most famous global warming skeptic, and Greg Bourne, CEO of the Australian branch of the World Wildlife Fund. The broadcast's aim was to completely discredit the Global Warming Swindle documentary.[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]It was at this live debate in the studio of ABC Sydney and broadcast on Australian national television that we intervened. Three organizers were kicked out on sight for "suspicion of being potentially disruptive," while 15 activists, LYM and chapter members, made it in safely. Two of questions centered on the relationship between Nazi race science, eugenics, and environmentalism. One ALYM member, wearing a t-shirt that said "Anthropogenic Global Warming is a bigger fraud than your girlfriend's orgasm!", asked about statistical vs. dynamic analysis concerning the method in which the "warmers" gather their data. For the last question of the broadcast an organizer sharply asked if the panelists were for or against human populations. A more detailed report, including the reactions of the panelists to the questions, is forthcoming. [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]The ALYM will stay in Sydney for a week in effort to force the Australian Government to investigate the BAE scandal. A full report on this campaign is also forthcoming.[/font]