Senate Democratic Leadership to "Burn the Midnight Oil"; Will They Call For Cheney's Impeachment?

17 de julio de 2007

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]July 17, 2007 (LPAC) At a vigil tonight at 9:00 pm, in Upper Senate Park on Capitol Hill, the Senate Democratic leadership will rally with other Congressmen and Iraq War veterans. "Burning the midnight oil", as the Senate stays in session all night, the Democratic leadership will attempt to break the Republican filibuster of debate on the war in Iraq.[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]The LaRouche Movement challenges these Democrats to join the growing chorus of citizens around the United States, and issue a call for Cheney's impeachment, if they are serious about ending the war. The Senate leadership must remember the message that Lyndon LaRouche sent them earlier this week: "There's no more reason to debate. Honest debate has ended. There's nothing left to debate. The crap stops now! Debate, debate, debate… We had it in Vietnam, and we're doing it all over again. The debate itself is dishonest. What we have is more lies. Our troops are dying while the lies pour out. Don't say you're supporting the troops by putting them out to be shot!"[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]The only way to end the Iraq War, and prevent a looming Iran War, is for Congress to get Cheney out now, before the "Guns of August" recess.[/font]