Sophist Al Gordo Honored for His Global Warming Scheme

19 de julio de 2007

July 19, 2007 (LPAC) -- The British Members of Parliament and the House of Lords named former Vice-President Al Gore as their international statesman of the year at the annual House Magazine awards in Westminster on July 18. The award was given to him for his alarmist film "An Inconvenient Truth" and also for his promoting of the failed concert "Live Earth."

In keeping with his award-winning global warming alarmism, Al Gore told an audience at the Aspen Institute Greentech Innovation Network Summit that the human race has only 10 years to solve the problems of global warming. In other words, they are waiting for Fat Al to come back down to human weight, being that he is full of hot air.

To make his point Al Gore compared the Earth to Venus saying that both planets have about the same amount of carbon. Gore noted that in Venus's case the carbon is in the atmosphere and has caused Venus to have a daytime temperature of 867 degrees Fahrenheit.

Al Gore again has shown his disregard for science with this statement. He should know that Venus has an atmospheric pressure that is 90 times greater than that of the Earth. Since as any 9th grader knows temperature increases as pressure increases, given everyday physics, Venus would be about 100 times hotter than the Earth. Sorry Fat Al, real science again refutes your fraudulent Malthusian scheme.