The Fight in the YDA Dallas Convention: Rohatyn Democrats Will Not be able to Stop the Momentum of LaRouche's New Politics

21 de julio de 2007

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]The fight in the YDA Dallas Convention: Rohatyn Democrats will not be able to stop the momentum of LaRouche's New Politics[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]The LaRouche Youth Movement has had a tremendous effect in shaping the fight at the Dallas Young Democrats of America Convention over the impeachment of Cheney. In the wake of the Democratic Party's victory in 2006, as a result of Lyndon LaRouche's New Politics, there is the beginnings of a real faction within the party that will respond LaRouche's initiatives. The faction is comprised of an increasing amount of young people sick and tired of the all too typical, anti-FDR, Rohatyn pimped, Cheney defending Democrats who are too weak to show true leadership. Try as these old baby-boomer cowards might, they are not going to be able to suppress what LaRouche has unleashed. This is the assessment of Harley Schlanger (LaRouche's west coast spokesperson) upon receiving reports of the convention's outcome, and Lyndon LaRouche concurred. [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]We did not gather enough signatures to get our resolution/petition reintroduced, although the petition and resolution was delivered directly to John Edwards. In assessing what the young convention goers were thinking, we found that many were "pissed" because there was no serious discussion, besides the work of the LYM. There was universal disappointment at the outcome of the convention. The LYM have made many contacts among this New Politics faction in the four days of the convention. [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]The most responsive young people, including those delegates who helped to circulate our petition, flocked to the LaRouche Youth Movement as a result of the New Politics, showing the cumulative strength of the LaRouche faction. Those in the Democratic Party who want to fight, universally orient towards LaRouche! [/font]