A PHONE CALL TO ACTION! Call These Congressmen NOW and Tell them to Sign Onto Cheney's Impeachment!

24 de julio de 2007


[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Some Congressmen DID have the courage to fight for the removal of Cheney back in December of 2005 when they signed on to John Conyers' House Resolution 635, which called for "creating a select committee to investigate the administration's intent to go to war before congressional authorization, manipulation of pre-war intelligence, encouraging and countenancing torture, retaliating against critics, and to make recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment." [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Those who have signed both the 2005 Conyers resolution, and Kucinich's House resolution 333 for the impeachment of Cheney are Rep. William Lacy Clay (MO), Rep. Sam Farr (CA), Rep. Bob Filner (CA), Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), Rep. Jim McDermott (WA), Rep. Janice Schakowsky (IL), Rep. Maxine Waters (CA), and Rep. Lynn Woolsey (CA),[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]The following Congressmen and Congresswomen, listed below, are DROPPING THE BALL! Are they true patriots, or are they allowing treason? Ask them! Their district and Washington DC numbers are listed below for your convenience (and hopefully not for the convenience of these all-too-comfortable Representatives). LPAC's call-to-action is for everyone to continue to follow this website, and to call these congressional offices and demand that they sign onto Dennis Kucinich's House resolution 333 calling for the impeachment of Dick Cheney! Or else they should have no fantasies about keeping their seat after the next election, due to the crime of their cowardice. Have fun!:[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Neil Abercrombie (HI)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C.: 202-225-2726[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Honolulu HI: 808-541-2570[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Tammy Baldwin (WI)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington. D.C: 202-225-2906[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Madison WI: 608-258-9800 [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Lois Capps (CA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-3601[/font]

[ul][font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Santa Barbara CA: 805-730-1710[/font]


[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Michael Capuano (MA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C. :202-225-5111[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Cambridge MA. :617-621-6208[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Danny Davis (IL)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C.: 202-225-5006[/font]

[ul][font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Chicago IL.: 773-533-7520[/font]


[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Chaka Fattah (PA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-4001[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Philadelphia PA: 215-387-6404[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Maurice Hinchey (NY)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington .D.C: 202-225-6335[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Ithaca NY : 607-273-1388 [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Michael Honda (CA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-2631[/font]

[ul][font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Campbell CA: 408-558-8085[/font]


[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3] [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (IL)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-0773[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Chicago IL : 773-734-9660[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (TX)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-3816[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Houston TX: 713-655-0050[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. John Lewis (GA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-3801[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Atlanta GA: 404-659 -0116 [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Zoe Lofgren (CA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-3072[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]San Jose CA: 408-271-8700[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-7944[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]New York NY: 212-860-0606[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Betty McCollum (MN)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-6631[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Saint Paul MN: 651-224-9191[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3] [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Gwendolyn Moore (WI)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-2254572[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Milwaukee WI: 414-297-1140 [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Gerrold Nadler (NY)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C:202-225-5635[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]New York NY :212-367-7350[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. James Oberstar (MN)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-6211[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Duluth MN: 218-727-7474[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. John Olver (MA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-5335[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Holyoke MA: 413-532-6543[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Donald Payne (NJ)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-3436[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Newark NJ: 973-645-3213[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Charles Rangel (NY)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-4365[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]New York NY: 212-663-3900[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Steven Rothman (NJ)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-5061[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Hackensack NJ: 201-646-0808[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Hilda Solis (CA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-5464[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]East Los Angeles CA: 323-307-9904[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Pete Fortney Stark (CA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-5065[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Fremont CA: 510-494-1388[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3] [/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. John F. Tierney (MA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-8020[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Peabody MA: 978-531-1669[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Nydia Velazquez (NY)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-2361[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Brooklyn NY: 718-599-3658[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. Diane Watson (CA)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202- 225-7084[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Los Angeles CA: 323-965-1422[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Rep. David Wu (OR)[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Washington D.C: 202-225-0855[/font]

[font:face="Times New Roman";size=3]Portland OR : 503-326-2901[/font]