Population Demands Economic Solutions and Impeachment, at Al Green Town Meeting

16 de agosto de 2007

Due to the unfolding reality of the financial international monetary collapse, and the effect it is having on the lower 80% family income brackets; the crescendo for impeachment, and the demand for solutions to the economic crisis could not have been clearer at the Harris County, local monthly Luncheon of the Democratic party in Texas. Congressman Al Green, from the Houston district, and a representative from the AFL-CIO. who was invited as a guest were both speakers at the event. In attendance were 110 people, also judicial candidates, campaign staffers, from other offices, and new people being introduced for the first time to politics and the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM).

The meeting commenced, with the usual Hamlet-like approach, and the sophistry that coated their argument concerning the physical economy, the collapse of the international financial system, and the effect on health care, impeachment, loss of skilled labor, and their lack of discussing concrete solutions to the economic crisis now hitting the population. Moreover, it was during his lackluster performance during the Q and A after the event that the Congressman saw the rage of the population breathing down his neck; when he punted at the question of impeachment, and the need to heed the financial collapse, his answers really making the audience squirming in their seats. One gentleman, attending the meeting for the first time challenged the congressman on HR333,and why he has not joined his fellow congressmen and women, including congresswoman Sheila Jackson –Lee (D TX) who has already signed on. He responded weakly, that he supported an investigation and a hearing instead of impeachment! This was followed by a LYM member, who asked him on the question of the financial crisis, the pumping of liquidity, and the need of a national bank.

The congressman, did all he could do to weasel out of the question by stating that he did admit turbulence in the system but the economy was doing well. The chairman, of the Harris County, Democratic Party in Texas, sensing the looming tension, and how the audience was about to go for his neck with more valid and tougher questions, had to rush the congressman out of the town hall meeting!. Again it was the LYM, that provided the clarity of focus on the situation, in organizing discussions people wanted answers, and were hungry for it they wanted honesty from their congressman, but got from him lack of concern, and dishonesty at his responses. Everyone received the National Infrastructure pamphlet, and were oriented around Larouche's ideas on the financial international collapse, the return to an industrial manufacturing base, people liked the ideas but did not know that they would work; until the LYM provided solutions like the FDR –Hamilton approach, and what should be done now, just as LaRouche has indicated for over thirty years did they begin to understand what needs to be done to save and rebuild the nation. This showed that the leadership, intellectual, and moral qualities, have again demonstrated themselves as LaRouche has been warning about in perilous times when the crisis hits full force. These qualities will be needed in abundance, and will serve as a guiding light in the dark road, as answers which people will look for when reality asserts itself soon.