Suicide “Makes Sense” After Playing Halo 3

6 de noviembre de 2007

November 6, 2007 (LPAC)— A commentary article by "Wired" Magazine degenerate Clive Thompson gives clinical evidence to the recent statement of Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. that the intended end-game of computer game playing is suicide. In the enraged rant, Thompson says, "I used to find it hard to fully imagine the mindset of a terrorist. That is, until I played Halo 3 online..." The freakish Thompson whines that he "sucks" at Halo 3, since he has a wife and kid and therefore only gets "maybe an hour with Halo on a good day," but, therefore, he has learned to kill superior opponents by charging them while being shot and then throwing a grenade at them at the last moment, to kill "from beyond the grave." "It's not just that I'm willing to sacrifice my life to kill someone else. It's that I'm exploiting the psychology of asymmetrical warfare," Thompson pleads.

"For me," the disgruntled family man continues, "dying will not penalize me in the way it penalizes them, because I have almost no chance of improving my state. I might as well take people down with me." He then compares this cyber world to the real world, where the "have-nots" are willing to kill the "haves," since there's nothing better to do. He concludes, on the subject of suicide, that "something about playing the game gave me an `aha' moment that I'd never had before: an ability to feel, in whatever tiny fashion, the strategic logic and emotional calculus behind the act."

And how many of our American youth are playing these games?