The Noosphere vs. Blogosphere: Is The Devil in Your Laptop? (HTML Version)

10 de diciembre de 2007


I. Origins of the Disease


by The LaRouche Youth Movement

The Noosphere vs. the Blogosphere

by Matthew Ogden

INSNA: 'Handmaidens of British Colonialism'

by Dave Christie


II. Case Studies: The Disease Spreads

MySpace: Murdoch's Nuremberg Rally

by Delante' Bess

Facebook: A Tombstone With a Photo Attached

by Nick Walsh

What IS Wikipedia?

by Brent Bedford

Video Games and the Wars of the Future

by Oyang Teng

The Cyborgs of Silicon Valley

by Gabriela Arroyo-Reyes

Terrorism Comes to the West: The New Cult of the Teenage Suicide Bomber

by Nick Walsh



Where Your Computers Really Came From

by Peter Martinson


Appendix 1:

What Exactly, Is a Human Being? Analog, Digital, and Transcendental (PDF)

by Sky Shields

Appendix 2:

How Weiner Attempted to Kill Science: Only Diseased Minds Believe in Entropy

by Creighton Cody Jones

Appendix 3:

A British Empire's Suicide Club: The Noun Generation 

by Delante Bess and Nick Walsh