The Thug Life: On the Job at Wikimedia Foundation

21 de diciembre de 2007

December 21, 2007 (LPAC)-- Although Jimbo Wales’ Wikimedia Foundation, the umbrella firm for World Brain,, attempts to remain a secret cabal behind the tightly controlled rewriting of history done at Wikipedia, the truth is shooting its way out. Take the case, for example, of one of Wikimedia Foundation’s recent Chief Operating Officers, Carolyn Bothwell Doran, who was secretly fired in July of 2007. Doran, who was given huge responsibility at the firm, was hired as the COO in January of 2007, although, at that time, she had a rap sheet longer than many members of organized crime. In addition to convictions for theft, petty larceny, passing bad checks, and pleading guilty in 1990 to shooting her boyfriend, Doran had also been convicted three times for driving under the influence, one of which involved her serving jail time for killing another human being in an accident, and then racing off from the scene!

Just in case an “anonymous” editor at Wikimedia Foundation may try to edit a few of these convictions from the record, saying, “Oh, let bygones be bygones. Mistakes happen! We at Wikimedia wanted to give Carolyn a fresh start,” just four months after her hiring, she got another DUI, and this time on a suspended license. This constituted a third degree felony in the state of Florida where she resided; yet, Doran, after bailing herself out of jail for $5,250, flew to Amsterdam for a Wikimedia Foundation board meeting! On her way back to the U.S., she was stopped by customs and immigration officials, for reasons unknown, and soon after this, she was thrown in jail again, for violating terms of her probation.

Are these qualities desired for executive positions at Wikimedia Foundation? In light of recent revelations of this strange group, the answer may be yes; for if one adds Doran’s profile to the already established profiles of Wikimedia Foundation conspiraphiles Jimmy “The Queen of Hearts” Wales, “Buffalo” Chip Berlet, and [a:href="\/static\/2007\/12\/10\/what-wikipedia.html"]Linda Mack[/a], what’s revealed is an increasingly surreal and ordered pattern of chaos, peeping out from between the neatly arranged pages of Wikipedia’s doublespeak.