The Difference Between Weimar and Victory

1 de febrero de 2008

by Mark Samet, LPAC Editorial

February 1, 2008 (LPAC)--Little more than a week ago Lyndon LaRouche laid his battle plans out on the table for all to see. "Sometimes in war," he said, "you have to make it clear: This is the battlefield, and no one should be diverted from it."

The tragic force now pressing upon our U.S.A, the world in fact, is congruent to what overcame Weimar Germany, as hyperinflation and societal meltdown, in 1923.

“To win the day,” LaRouche said, “you have to be tough, you have to be honest, and you have to be right. This requires rigorous leadership. Leadership with guts. When you know the battlefield conditions are ripe for the decisive victory, such that your victory would end the war, and when you know the mission before you is the right one, you never want to change the purpose of your mission, even though you must be flexible in how you intend to accomplish that mission.”

On surveying the field of British press and its Shultz-Rohatyn affiliates, it is evident that the enemy, whom we refer to as the Anglo-Dutch slime-mold, is trying to cage us to the rock. Fear this not; only laugh the piteous laugh of one who is above such vulgars. These clever-seeming adversaries are encased by their own linear thinking! Therefore, how great will the pleasure be, for those possessing the courage to think as only men and women may, to see that a flank, which is an open flank, would work so well against a Brutish curse such as we are facing now?

Immediately upon making the call to battle, Lyndon LaRouche re-deployed the 'heavy cavalry' equivalent of his forces. For many months, a small group of young scientific collaborators have been sharpening their sabres on another task of world importance; that of figuring out the method by which Carl F. Gauss determined the orbit of the Ceres asteroid (1). The interruption to this work came when LaRouche told the group, “Sometimes, you have to drop everything you are doing to save the world.”

Now, the Basement has entered full engagement with the enemy, slicing to pieces the Sophistic garbage which has been uttered by the useless rabble of mouth pieces who hope, by act of sexual 'stimulus', to keep their system of molestation around, at least long enough for them to die comfortable deaths. The truth is, worldwide Weimar is happening right now. You cannot debate this away! Therefore, what the LaRouche Youth Movement and Basement Crew has released so far on the LPAC website [a:href="\/news\/2008\/01\/28\/fed-copies-weimar-hyperinflation.html"](link)[/a], as a visual representation of what Lyndon LaRouche is lunging with, may already be enough to mop the sticky floors in Congress and elsewhere, of all stimulus-related residues. The recent actions of the Federal Reserve are worse than insane, but when it comes to talk of 'stimulus packages', dropping your interest is good advice.

The 'Triple Curve' collapse function is, perhaps the best standalone illustration of what has been happening to the U.S.A. economy, essentially since the untimely death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and yet, it has never been so successfully depicted, according to LaRouche, as in the short piece produced by the Basement Crew two days ago.

“The curve is not a digital expression,” LaRouche said, “it is an analog one (2). Therefore, what is occurring when the curves intersect one another, at the moment of singularity, is not a continuation of what was occurring in the process leading up to that singularity, but it is the entry into a new phase space, utterly distinct from what was happening before. It is just like that of the Reimannian shock front. The Basement Crew understood this,” LaRouche concluded, “and they executed it visually in exactly the right way!”

We have entered into a new phase space in history as it is now unfolding. The singularity indicated in the 'Triple Curve' diagram has already been reached. It was what happened in July of 2007. Hence what was leading up to the collapse is now history. There is nothing the curve can tell us now except for what has already occurred. There is no way to go back to the old political-economic system. Only an occultist, or one who would try to bring their recently deceased grandmother back from the grave, would disagree. For those of us, on the other hand, who take pleasure in life and would see an increase of potential for our posterity, it is the unbashful spread of creativity with which we will concern ourselves. It is this that will lift us away from a Wellsian Hell, up into an improved dynamic that is contrapuntally anti-entropic.

Good people find themselves at an important juncture. The oligarchy is playing its 'end game' strategy. These are empty husks of human beings who intend to kill lots of people, and who hope that you, the little you, will be kind enough to let them do this. Many people will have to figure out, soon, what kind of role they wish to play in history.

In a recent discussion, Lyndon LaRouche said: “You have to discover 'good' by knowing what it is not. Good is not something fixed inside you. What is evil is linear thinking. Say, 'I was born to be good, but I am not good. Why is that? What is intervening here? ' Then you will begin to know what the good is. The same thing goes for making a scientific discovery. You have to start by finding the error, right? Take the equant [in the case of Kepler's discovery of universal gravitation]. That is the error—go from there. Based on your negation of the first problem, you move on to the next ones.”

Creative thought is the only way to morality. Candidates, world leaders, and the population at large must take lessons, not from idiots of the pre-collapse variety, but from creative people, like the young people who have set up their lab in LaRouche's basement, to get a project as Constitutionally pure as the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act enacted. This is why it is so crucial that everyone pay close attention to the Basement's work, and be ready to move swiftly on what is soon to come.


(1) What is informally deemed the 'Basement Crew' is an institution within LPAC, formed by LaRouche, for the rediscovery of scientific principles made by creative geniuses who once lived, but whose ideas live on immortally. This process of rediscovery of scientific and artistic principles is required for the successful survival of extended Western Civilization. Earlier Basement Crews have broken ground in their investigations of Johannes Kepler's unique discoveries of, first, universal gravitation, and later, the harmonic ordering of our solar system (The products of this work can be found by [a:href="http:\/\/\/~animations\/"]clicking here[/a]). Each small team, having greatly succeeded in what they set out to accomplish, left for the 'next generation' at least a dozen burning questions. Then, attempting to imitate the process of generation of that solar system being studied, these earlier Basement Crews were disseminated outward across the country, like material spewing from a newborn sun, hence adding power and harmony to various satellite regions.

(2) See both Sky Shields' [a:href="http:\/\/\/eiw\/public\/2008\/2008_1-9\/2008-1\/pdf\/59-63_3501.pdf"]What Exactly, Is a Human Being? Analog, Digital, and Transcendental[/a] and Lyndon LaRouche's response to this work, [a:href="\/news\/2008\/01\/07\/life-within-no-sphere-what-human-mind.html"]Life Within the Noosphere: What is the Human Mind?[/a]