"Time for Mr. Wolfowitz to Go" Says NY Times

16 de abril de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>"Time for Mr. Wolfowitz to Go" Says NY Times</h1><p>April 16 (EIRNS)--Joining the <em>Financial Times</em> from last week, today the New York Times calls for Paul Wolfowitz to quit as president of the World Bank. Despite Wolfowitz's pleas to World Bank staff members not to hold his previous job against him -- in which he was a close ally of Dick Cheney in planning and promoting the Iraq war -- the Times declares:</p><p>"The issue isn't his previous job. Mr. Wolfowitz had already created enough turmoil in his current job to raise serious questions about his stewardship." Noting "the cavalier way in which he pursued his anticorruption agenda, paying little heed to anyone save a tight circle of advisers he brought in with him," the Times asks: "What might Mr. Wolfowitz himself say if he discovered that a government receiving World Bank loans was making similar sweet arrangements for the personal friends of its president? There is no way Mr. Wolfowitz can recover his credibility and continue to be effective at the bank."</p><p>The communique issued on April 15 by the bank's "Development Committee," with its sharp rebuke of Wolfowitz, is described by the Times as "a crippling setback" to Wolfowitz's arrogant declaration that he will not resign. In bureaucratic language, the oversight body declared that, "The current situation is of great concern to all of us," and that "we need to ensure that the Bank can effectively carry out its mandate and maintain its credibility and reputation as well as the motivation of its staff."</p><p>Despite the statement's indirect and muted language, it sent an unmistakable message, according to officials interviewed by the Times. "Words like 'concerned,' 'credibility' and 'reputation' are pretty unprecedented for a communique from a place like the World Bank," said one official who was involved in the drafting of the statement.</p><p></p></div></body>