Within Days Of Columbine Anniversary: Shootings At Virginia Tech Claims 33 Lives

17 de abril de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>Within Days Of Columbine Anniversary: Shootings At Virginia Tech Claims 33 Lives</h1><p>April 17 (EIRNS)--In what is now being called the worst campus shooting incident ever, in fact now the worst "mass shooting" of any sort in the U.S., a purported "lone gunman" killed 32 plus himself (late reports say an additional 30 wounded) at two separate locations on the Blacksburg, Virginia campus. At 7:15 on the morning of April 16, a 911 call was received about shots fired at Ambler Johnston coed dormitory. Police chief Wendell Flinghum later confirmed a single fatality at this location, but gave no account of any wounded. About two hours later, shots rang out at Norris Hall, an engineering building on the other side of campus. From various descriptions, it appears that the shooter was able to chain the doors shut, and begin firing at random into classrooms. One student reports that several students actually jumped out of upper story windows during the incident. Another reports that police "exploded a bomb" to gain access to the building. It was here that police returned fire, but it is not yet clear whether the shooter eventually died from self-inflicted wounds or not.</p><p>There is a lot of gray in this picture. Students had been told to stay in their dorms, but, at some point, authorities seem to have lifted the lockdown, at which point shots almost immediately rang out again. "They had us under lockdown," ABC News quotes freshman Aimee Kanode. "They temporarily lifted the lockdown, the gunman shot again."</p><p>The gunman had a large reserve of ammunition, and possibly locks and chains for the doors--a lot to carry--or hide. A short, cell phone video shot on the scene, records over a dozen single shots, but with very little "people" movement, so it is not clear who was firing at whom. A report by a coed in one of the classrooms said that the shooter, who was "dressed in a Boy Scouts uniform," poked his head in the room a couple of times, as if looking for someone, before entering and beginning to shoot. She was one of four who made it out alive.</p><p>Two other buildings on campus had been the subject of bomb scares in recent weeks, and the campus had also been shut within the last year because of a different shooting incident. The Columbine massacre occurred April 20, 1999, and claimed the lives of 12 (with 24 wounded) at a Littleton, Colorado high school.</p></div></body>