LaRouche: Killer Video Games Must be Outlawed! They Are Part Of The Cheney Disease

21 de abril de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>LaRouche: Killer Video Games Must be Outlawed! They Are Part Of The Cheney Disease.</h1><p>In the volumes upon volumes of coverage of the Virginia Tech mass killing that have appeared in the U.S. print and electronic media this week, there is a systematic cover-up under way of what <em>actually</em> happened. Not the gruesome details of the incident; not the personal tragedies; not the endless droning of "experts." There's plenty of that. But a cover-up of the role of killer video-games, marketed by Microsoft and other companies, in intentionally producing stone-killers out of otherwise healthy youth.</p><p>The <em>Washington Post</em> , for example, has been caught red-handed in perpetrating the fraud and cover-up. In response to attorney Jack Thompson's inquiry as to why the <em>Post</em> pulled their own reporters' reference to the video game angle, the <em>Post</em> replied: "It wasn't important enough in the whole thing to include."</p><p>Lyndon LaRouche yesterday discussed the deeper implications of the matter:</p><p>These killer video games, which is what the perpetrator played in Virginia--and in earlier cases such as Columbine and so forth--these games act on the human mind, as everyone knows, like a <em>drug</em> . It's a drug which turns people who are otherwise sane and sound into programmed killers. <em>This should be outlawed</em> , LaRouche insisted. Most of the major media coverage of this thing is a fraud, because it refuses to face the fact that people are dead because somebody wanted to make money peddling a system that turns ordinary youth into mass killers.</p><p>It's a drug; it is <em>not</em> a game, LaRouche reiterated. And the media are covering this up. People are shedding crocodile tears over the death of many students, as in many earlier cases. But they refuse to mention the name of the disease, which is called the <em>Cheney Disease</em> . The military affairs policy of Dick Cheney, which produced this kind of war games, these killer games, was designed to affect the mind like a disease, to turn normal people into killers. And they have demonstrated that they are able to do just that.</p><p>If you want to know the truth of the matter, LaRouche said, this <em>drug</em> was developed by people who are supporters of the policies of Felix Rohatyn and Dick Cheney. This is their new policy in military affairs: to replace regular armed forces by stone killers, who are mass produced by this method of turning young people into zombies. Just look at what they are doing in Iraq: it's the the exact same thing. They are destroying the U.S. military deliberately, because they intend to eliminate it and replace it by this insanity, replace it with stone killers of this type.</p><p>This policy is intentional, LaRouche emphasized, and it's a crime against the citizens. The continued promotion of these kinds of "entertainment" is a crime against the citizens. And it is a crime in which many of the mass media are implicitly accomplices. The issue is that Microsoft is heavily involved in this program, which is designed to turn young people into killers, and it happens to be a very profitable venture for some people. There's money in this, LaRouche said, more money than in Hollywood movies.</p><p>For years and years, we have been pointing to this problem, and naming the names. When almost no one else would even touch the issue, Lyndon and Helga LaRouche addressed it internationally. And today, the only place you can find the <em>real</em> story of what happened at Virginia Tech is on the LPAC web site, and in the pages of <em>EIR</em> .</p></div></body>