"Take My Youth's Vigor" And "Get It Moving": LYM's Wynneal Inocentes Tells Filipino-American California Democratic Caucus

30 de abril de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>"Take My Youth's Vigor" And "Get It Moving": LYM's Wynneal Innocentes Tells Filipino-American Democratic Caucus</h1><p>April 30 (LPAC)--On April 27, Wynneal Innocentes, member of the Franklin Roosevelt Legacy Democratic Club, and of the LaRouche Youth Movement presented a powerful statement to the members of the Filipino-American Democratic Caucus, motivating her candidacy for the leadership in the caucus. She won an executive post, and here is what she said:</p><blockquote><p>"As a person who is representing the nation's youth, I have a question: What will our future look like?</p><p>"With this question in mind, the Democratic Party should look beyond 2008, to make 2008 work, not only for those of us who are presently existing, but also for the future generations. We have to do this by making the Democratic Party act as true leaders, as Franklin Roosevelt led the party and saved nations from colonialism, such as the Philippines; to move and work for the lower 80% of the income bracket, of what FDR calls the forgotten men and women, to become prosperous builders for society.</p><p>"Now, I would want to know what is the difference between the FADC and other Caucuses? What makes the FADC special? I see ourselves as a people with great history of fighting for freedom of human beings, alongside with the Greatest Democratic President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and with a great soldier, General Douglas McArthur--who became a Filipino Citizen. Now, we need to take up the responsibility that was honored us, to make us better citizens of the world.</p><p>"I represent the youth who are stepping up to become effective leaders, not only for today; but by taking many great lessons from the past, for the future to survive, but we have to fight now.</p><p>"There is a problem in California, people got sidetracked from the policy of economic breakthroughs of industry to being speculative of money. Example: The big fight right now is consumerism vs. what people actually need; a youth does not need to make coffee for Starbucks, flip burgers at McDonald's, nor fold clothes at Wal Mart, etc.-we can do those things at home. We need real high paying, noble jobs i.e., creation of High Speed Railways/Mag Lev-like the Thyssen Krup of Germany; desalination of ocean water to be potable; and projects for advanced scientific and technological development to create</p><p>things we have never built before, nor yet discovered. What I have just mentioned are already in progress in different nations, such as Russia, China, India, Germany, France, Denmark, and a few other European countries.</p><p>"Is California or the U.S. going to be the'huli'? No, I refuse. We should be the pilot project, the first ones to lead. My future and yours depends upon recreating the society through these long term infrastructural projects, which creates jobs for people and meets the living standard of each individual here in California and through all of U.S.A. If we are oriented only to a conclusive event, it won't work. We need to keep our eyes and minds on something higher and further than the immediate point, or else we will loose 2008, the immediate battle.</p><p>"My Challenge to the Democratic Party is, how do we measure the effect of our ability? We have to be tough, in order to take back our leadership. We do not need another dummy as President nor another thug for Vice President. We need to get rid of them A.S.A.P., and fight aginst Schwarzenegger's destructive policies. We need thinkers and productive leaders. What I ask: There needs to have a continuation of constant discussion process between myself and all of you. We need to change our relationship to a stronger political formation and build political infrastructure to lead this nation. This is needed to address the population in creating history.</p><p>"This is my role, your role to become true, beautiful, and inspiring models of the forgotten men and women of this nation. Take my youth's vigor and use it to its fullest potential. Get it moving."</p><p>"huli" literally means "last" in Tagalog (a Filipino language). It is comparable to being always last and backwards and willing to be ignorant of everything around the world, as well as being slow-minded and not creative.</p></blockquote></div></body>