Debate Over Global Warming Breaks Out in Prestigious French Academy of Sciences

6 de abril de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>Debate Over Global Warming Breaks Out in Prestigious French Academy of Sciences</h1><p>by Christine Bierre</p><p> </p><div class="right_image"><img src="/files/pictures/0ac337eed624ba5f1d550f8ed9f54cb3/original.jpg" /><p class="caption">Louis Pasteur</p></div><p>PARIS, April 4 (EIRNS)--A faction of leading French scientists opposed to the global warming hoax have provoked a debate in the pretigious National Academy of Sciences, the world's first scientific society, founded in the 17th Century. A minority group of scientists organized around former Research Minister of the Jospin government, Claude Allegre, is loudly defying the global warming lobby of France. A book by Claude Allegre contesting this fraud is coming out tomorrow entitled: <em>My Truth About the Planet</em> .</p><p>Following a major brawl that broke out between Dr. Allegre and the pro-global warming faction at the French Academy of Sciences last March, the Academy decided to hold two seminars, one behind closed doors, the other open. The public session on March 14 took the form of a debate, pitting two geochemists close to Allegre, Vincent Courtillot and Jean Louis Le Mouel, of the Global Institute of Physics, against two Gorey climatologists, Hervé Le Treut (Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory) and Prof. Edouard Bard at the College de France.</p><p>Allegre had violently attacked the worthless climatology models, and the climatologists who don't know how to measure temperature. He showed that it is the Sun which is actually responsible for recent climate changes, and concluded that it is therefore irresponsible to advise governments to adopt anti-greenhouse gas emissions policies.</p><p>During the closed-door session, where eight scientists debated vigorously, Dr. Bard was forced to acknowledge that atmospheric CO2 increases are the result, not the cause, of global warming. At the end of the open session, Vincent Courtillot pleaded that the "largely minority viewpoint must be able to express itself."</p><p>The media, on the contrary, want to ensure there will be no free debate. The Edouard de Rothschild owned daily, Liberation, commented that the final score of this match was "10 to 0 in favor of the climatologists." Le Monde, owned by Arnaud Lagardere, heaped scorn on the world-renowned Academy of Sciences, calling it "one of the last places of learning in the world, where doubt is still being cast about the leading cause of climate change."</p></div></body>