Who is Benn Steil?

1 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>Who is Benn Steil?</h1><p>May 1 (EIRNS)--In his May 1 international webcast, Lyndon LaRouche labeled Steil a "eunuch panting for a sexual relationship."</p><p>Benn Steil, who, in the May/June issue of the Council on Foreign Relations magazine, <em>Foreign Affairs</em> , called for ending nations' sovereignty and sovereign currencies, and replacing them with a tripartite dollar-euro-yen world currency bloc system that would recreate the Persian Empire's model of world empire, is a long-standing British operative with the assignment of inducing America to destroy itself.</p><p>In his Foreign Affairs article, entitled, "The End of National Currency," Steil, who is the CFR's Director of International Economics, ended with a warning that were America, and other nations to fail to heed his warnings, the financier oligarchy's "market may privatize money on its own." Steil, who was a Lloyds of London Tercentenary Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford, joined Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), its elite policy making body, in 1992, and was made director of the RIIA's International Economics Program. Then, in December, 1998, Steil was transferred to New York's CFR, at the time that London intensified its effort to kill President William Clinton's plan for a new "international financial architecture."</p><p>At the same time, it is the British-American Project for Successor Generations (BAP), of which Steil is now a Fellow, that has played a key Trojan horse role against the United States. Sir Charles Villiers, from a high-ranking British family with Venetian roots, founded the BAP in 1985, and staffed it with crucial people. According to a November 6, 2004 <em>Guardian</em> article, "Friends in High Places," when Tony Blair was elected Prime Minister of Britain in 1997, he drew many of his cabinet from the BAP, including Baroness Symons, who entered the Foreign Office, and then became head of Defense Procurement; Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's Chief of Staff; Peter Mandelson, a Blair intimate, who is now EU Trade Commissioner; and others. Currently, one of BAP's sponsors is Lord Peter Carrington, former NATO General Secretary, and very high ranking member of the House of Windsor's Order of the Garter.</p><p>Steil, who is a co-founder of the investment firm Efficient Frontiers LLC, which handles accounts of "high worth individuals," has authored the books <em>Financial Statecraft</em> (2006) and <em>Building a Transatlantic Securities Market</em> (2002), which stress globalization.</p></div></body>