Mass. Governor Deval Patrick Thirsty for the Legacy of F.D.R.

1 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>Mass. Governor Deval Patrick Thirsty for the Legacy of F.D.R.</h1><p>May 1 (LPAC/LYM)--The Massachusetts Democratic Party's, Annual FDR awards dinner of Monday April 30th, attended by 1000 or so Democrats, featured an introductory speech by Governor Deval L. Patrick. The speech was clearly intended as a wake up call to Democratic leaders, including congressman, state legislators, and related activists and party hacks, to "recommit to being democrats." Despite the presence of other highly reputed democrats, Patricks speech was not only inspiring, but was by far the most relevant of all those given.<div class="right_image"><img height="200" src="/files/pictures/b1c85b8e5a220f0cc3f7ab10b741a4c4/original.jpg" width="200" /></div></p><p>In what became a refrain throughout his speech, Patrick spoke of the need to avoid the nostalgic effect that these types of events usually have, of looking back to the grand old days of a successful Democratic Party, as if it were ancient history, seeing the name FDR as a quaint relic of that period, saying: "That is not, or should not be what tonight is about."</p><p>With a calm, but elevated voice, he quoted FDR's first inaugural speech, "One third of this nation is ill-clothed, ill-housed, ill-nourished." He identified the crisis we face today (naming the Bush administration) as like to that of the administration preceding FDR. He pointed to the attitude of the Hoover administration, and their line that "prosperity is right around the corner" and their policy decisions made only on behalf of Wall Street.</p><p>This he juxtaposed to FDR's approach which helped everyone from the poor, to middle class as well as the prosperous.<div class="left_image"><img height="188" src="/files/pictures/d6ddfaeab652f97d075c32acffa91ec8/original.jpg" width="160" /></div></p><p>He emphasized that the present situation, despite relevant delusions, is not okay: "rising mortgage foreclosures is not okay, collapsing infrastructure is not okay, rising violence in neighborhoods is not okay ...etc." At a certain point Patrick threw the hammer down on the DLC pseudo-democrats. He referred to "conservatives who refer to FDR as a "liberal" (with all the baggage attached to that)," but quickly moved on to hit at the relevant point for his audience of democrats, referring to the fact that "New Democrats call FDR an "old Democrat" (with all the baggage attached to that)."</p><p>Contrary to both these attitudes, Patrick (calling FDR "a Democrat without apology") insisted that an FDR Democrat is what it actually means to be a <b>Real Democrat</b> ! Many people in the room with hedge-fund contributions dancing in their heads, must have been rudely awakened by this truthful statement by Governor Patrick.</p><p>L.Y.M. members found this refreshing, and noticed many others who were visibly moved by it. Patrick's attitude reflects what LaRouche has referred to asthat came more clearly into focus after the most recent mid-term elections as a rejection of Free-Market cannibalism and the perpetual war policies of the Cheney administration, in favor of FDR's "Fair Trade" policies.</p><p>This is especially important because many leading democrats seemed elated to announce that Massachusetts is the "Blue-est state in the country," without reflecting on what would be required to face the implications of what the citizens require of them.</p><p>Up to now it has been easy for politicians to get by with the usual sincere tap dancing. But we are in a different kind of period, and more intelligent human beings are open to solutions to the crisis facing civilization now and in the future. As Governor Patrick stated quite eloquently, "FDR's approach "saved the Country," and with this outlook, "Democrats can save the Commonwealth and the Nation again."</p></div></body>