LYM Delivers One-Two Punch to Al Gordo in Argentina

11 de may de 2007

LYM Delivers One-Two Punch to Al Gordo in Argentina

Argentine LYM organizing
outside Biofuels Congress.

May 11 (LPAC)--The LYM gave Al Gordo a surprise he clearly wasn't expecting when he arrived to keynote the First Biofuels Congress of the Americas in Buenos Aires on May 11. He was feted as the star of the show by local businessmen and speculators linked to the Bush family, but the audience seemed more curious than enthused. President Kirchner didn't bother to meet with him, and some reporters, disgusted with Gore's "over-population" message, angrily got up to leave. Fat Al had pulled out his satellite photos and slides to "prove" that population growth and economic development had "spoiled" nature in some South American countries, incredibly citing the case of impoverished Bolivia as an example.

While four LYM members organized aggressively outside, Gordo's droning on for more than an hour inside was putting people to sleep, until LYM leader Betiana Gonzalez stood up in the audience and loudly called out "hey, Al Gordo, Al Gordo," and fired off several questions in rapid succession: "Why won't you debate Lord Monckton?" she asked. "Why do you want to reduce population growth?" and "Why did you stop generic drugs for AIDS in Africa?" Like a deer--a very fat one at that--caught in the headlights, Al froze, very visibly disconcerted, before waddling off. While some of the conference organizers tried to drown out her questions by loudly applauding, it was too late.

One reporter ran up to her to ask excitedly, "what did you ask?, what did you ask?" When hotel security escorted her from the auditorium and walked down the stairs, Gonzalez was surrounded by media and cameramen, who again wanted to know what she had asked Gore. There were national as well as international media in the group. A reporter from the large Radio Continental later complained telling her he had looked for her in the auditorium to get an interview, but when he couldn't find her, was forced to interview Vice President Daniel Scioli instead. In his speech, Scioli humiliated himself by lavishing praise on Gore for his "ethical" concerns for humanity.

The middle sign reads:
"Hey Al: LaRouche knows
you are a fascist liar"

The four LYM organizers outside the posh Alvear Palace Hotel, one of whom was dressed as a nuclear cooling tower, also attracted a lot of media attention. They distributed 400 copies of the special edition of , the internet magazine of the Ibero-American branch of the LaRouche Youth Movement, dedicated entirely to Gore's crimes, 400 copies of the LYM poster showing Gordo carrying a swastika made of green leaves, while holding signs saying "LaRouche Knows that you are a fascist liar," "Don't let Al Gore Shove Corn in Your Tank." Reporters from five radio stations, as well as the major Argentine dailies, gathered around them, asking "why are biofuels a fraud,?" "What is the LaRouche Youth Movement," "why do you say Gore is a fraud?"

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