Clintons Want to Avoid the Al Gore Mistake of 2000

13 de may de 2007

Clintons Want To Avoid The Al Gore Mistake Of 2000

May 13 (EIRNS)--According to advisers to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, Bill and Hillary Clinton are committed to avoiding the mistake of Al Gore in 2000. The New York Times reports the advisers as saying that "Mr. Clinton and the campaign view 2008 as a chance to get right what they say was a mistake in 2000, when Vice President Al Gore shied away from deploying Mr. Clinton.

"For example, two friends said Mr. Clinton had told them a victory for Mrs. Clinton in Arkansas in the general election was a personal mission of his. (Mr. Gore lost Arkansas in 2000, as Senator John Kerry did in 2004). And he is cashing in chits for her that Mr. Gore, post-impeachment, never asked him to do. In March, for instance, Mr. Lundergan opened his home in Kentucky to Mr. Clinton for a fund-raiser as a favor after the couple helped raise money for the state party in 2005 and 2006. (Mr. Clinton carried Kentucky in 1992 and 1996, while Mr. Gore and Mr. Kerry did not.)

"Mrs. Clinton's campaign is not a do-over of Gore 2000 for Mr. Clinton, their advisers say, but the couple did decide early on that Mrs. Clinton would treat her husband and his administration's record as assets, rather than distance herself from him in the interest of standing in her own light."

One senior adviser was quoted as saying: "We don't want to make the Al Gore mistake -- trying to separate Hillary from the president, or not sending the president out because you think he's not well liked or because he might be a better speaker than Hillary. Voters would think we were acting phony."

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