He's George Shultz's Fascist: Schwarzenegger's Budget Confirms LaRouche and LPAC's Warning

17 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>He's George Shultz's Fascist: Schwarzenegger's Budget Confirms LaRouche and LPAC's Warning</h1><p>May 17, 2007 (LPAC)--California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger's Fiscal 2008 budget plan ends his period of smiling "bipartisan Republicanism" and returns to the fascist creature of George P. Shultz that Lyndon LaRouche has insisted Ahnuld is.</p><p>Programs for the poor, blind, disabled and elderly will be cut in Schwarzenegger's budget; Wall Street obligations will be met, and the Shultz/Felix Rohatyn privatization schemes to loot state assets are ready to go. Four months ago, the Governator bragged that he would eliminate the "net operating deficit" that has plagued California since the IT bubble popped in March 2000. With his revised budget, which he released on May 14, he acknowledged that the state's budget "still lives on the razor's edge" (i.e., that he cannot eliminate the deficit), but claimed that the revisions he has made to the budget are "very careful and very responsible."</p><p>Once again, he lied. Non-partisan Legislative analyst Elizabeth Hill released a quick evaluation of the Governor's plan, in which she said that his future revenue estimate is overly optimistic; that the operating deficit, which Arnie's team of budget-cutting fascists claimed would be $1.5 billion, will more likely grow by an additional $1.7 billion, to over $3 billion; and the deficit could reach nearly $7 billion by 2009.</p><p>Since the figures don't add up, Schwarzenegger is moving to cut spending for those who can least afford cuts. More than $500 million will be cut from welfare, while $1.3 billion raised from fuel taxes will be diverted away from transportation, to cover other expenses--this despite his admission that state infrastructure is in an advanced state of disintegration. His new budget will eliminate grant increases previously approved for programs for the aged, blind, and disabled, and funds earmarked to help local governments reduce property taxes for farmers. At the same time, he is adding 10% to tuition fees for universities, and will begin a foot-in-the-door for privatization, by selling off the state lottery to private entities. Arnie's controller, fascist Synarchist banker George Shultz, has insisted, repeatedly, that more state-run entities -- including infrastructure--be privatized.</p></div></body>