Indictment in Litvinenko Murder Is a British Anti-Russian Operation

23 de may de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="28" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>Indictment in Litvinenko Murder Is a British Anti-Russian Operation</h1><p>May 23, 2007 (LPAC)--London's Crown Prosecutor's office incriminated yesterday a Russian citizen for the death of Alexandr Litvinenko, a former Russian intelligence (FSB) official, and the bodyguard of Russian fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky. The British government demand from Moscow the extradition of Russian citizen Andrey Lugovoy for the murder of Litvinenko.</p><p>The British intent is clearly political. Under the headline, "Facing Up to a Reckless Russia," the Financial Times writes: "Europe and the U.S. need to adopt a policy of robust engagement with Moscow. This has already begun with the UK's action yesterday and with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel straight-talking to Mr. Putin at an EU-Russia summit last week."</p><p>In Moscow, the attorney general rejected extradition. The Crown Prosecutors base their accusations on the fact that Lugovoy met Litvinenko in London before Litvinenko discovered (or, announced) that he had been poisoned. Police could not provide a motive for the murder, so far.</p><p>On his side, Lugovoy, who is also a former FSB agent and currently a businessman, released a statement to Itar-Tass that he is going to make sensational statements. "These statements will really become a sensation for public opinion in Britain," he told Itar-Tass. "They'll bring about a radical change in assessments of the events that took place in Britain in recent years, over separate personages of Russian descent." This reference is to Berezovsky, who recently announced he wants to topple Vladimir Putin.</p><p>British prosecutors could look in the direction of another man who met Litvinenko the same day as Lugovoy--Litvinenko's Italian buddy Mario Scaramella. Scaramella sits in an Italian jail accused of having fabricated, together with Litvinenko, dossiers with false information aimed at slandering Italian politicians who opposed neo-Conservative policies. They include current Premier Romano Prodi. Scaramella was an advisor to Sen. Paolo Guzzanti, chairman of a Parliament committee to investigate past KGB activities in Italy. The committee was set up on the basis of the report by KGB archivist Vassily Mithrokin, a report released by the MI6.</p><p>Among the other concoctions, Scaramella and Litvinenko had fabricated a false Russian plot to kill Guzzanti, to give credibility to their anti-KGB investigations. Yesterday, an Italian court established that four Ukrainians arrested in Italy for this "plot," are innocent, and that the murder plot was an invention.</p><p>For more background on the Litvinenko-Scaramella connection, read "The Story Within the Story" in EIR, January 19, 2007.</p></div></body>