Montreal LYM to Racist Gore: Beware of Canada

23 de may de 2007

Montreal LYM to Racist Gore: Beware of Canada

MONTREAL, May 23 (LPAC)-- The Montreal LaRouche Youth Movement organized a Town Hall meeting for May 19, using as the invitation a cartoon of Al Gore stepping on Africa in the Cecil Rhodes colossus-pose. The flyer read: "Al Gore's Plan to Solve 'Over-population': Kill Africans."

Three presentations exposed the deep racist and oligarchical roots behind the global warming hoax being promoted by Gore. The first traced the oligarchical roots of the First and Second World Wars, showing that the aim of British policy, from the time of Lincoln, had been to stop the spread of the American system. An ideological arc was traced from Edward VII to Al Gore.

The second focused on the difference between university's quackonomics and Lyndon LaRouche's dynamical methods of economics.

The final presentation centered on the conception of the Man as represented by the work of Nicholas of Cusa, Johannes Kepler and J.S. Bach

This was followed by a singing of the Alleluia canon by three LaRouche Youth Movement members. "It was celestial," an older woman attending said. Conversations continued for hours after into dinner.

Al Gore beware: Montreal and the LYM will be ready to take you on--if you ever dare to come back.

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