Drink This Ethanol!

30 de may de 2007

Drink This Ethanol!

May 30, 2007 (LPAC)--Mexican farmers are burning their fields of blue agave, the plant used to produce tequila liquor. They are re-seeding their fields with corn, getting in line with the sharp increases in world prices for corn to make ethanol -- the lunatic environmentalist project to replace gasoline with something more expensive.

The corn price rise has caused hunger among the millions of Mexicans who now have decreased access to such corn-based food staples as tortillas.

The planting of tequila's source is expected to decline by one fourth to one third in Mexico in the current year, and the supply has already been deeply affected by crop diseases that have spread when farmers lost interest in the plant due to falling agave prices.

Care for a glass of ethanol instead of your usual margarita cocktail? Sorry, no chips with that -- they're in your gas tank.

Air Jordan