Mexicans Mobilize to Reverse Social Security Privatization

30 de may de 2007

Mexicans Mobilize to Reverse Social Security Privatization

May 30, 2007 (LPAC)--Mexican President Felipe Calderon is finding that it may be easy to pass financier reforms to loot the Mexican people, but he may not have the power to implement them. Protests are building around the country demanding that the privatization of the social security system for public sector workers, rammed through Congress on March 31, be rescinded. The protest has the potential to catalyze broader ferment against the Calderon regime itself, whose election was never accepted as legitimate by half the country.

One of the leaders of the drive to reverse the privatization is Agustin Rodriguez, Secretary General of the trade union of the National University Autonomous University (STUNAM) and co-chair of the National Workers Union (UNT) labor federation. In the midst of the mobilization, he will hold an internationally-broadcast dialogue with the leading anti-globalization strategist of the United States, Democratic Party leader Lyndon LaRouche, and Chilean labor leaders, on "Globalization Equals Fascism," on June 14. ().

Rodriguez announced on May 29 that the UNT and one of Mexico's teachers' federations, the National Teachers Coordinator (CNTE), have reached an agreement to coordinate actions to reverse the law, using everything from street protests and national strikes, to contesting the law in the courts. Already, some half million lawsuits seeking injunctions against the law have been filed, while CNTE activists have set up an encampment in front of the social security (ISSSTE) headquarters, from which they are deploying daily protests. Plans for a national strike are under discussion.

Feeling the heat, President Calderon personally began campaigning in defense of the rotten law on May 29, complaining that the reform is "misunderstood," and without it, the country would have gone bankrupt.

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