Striking Italian Cabdrivers Distribute LaRouche Movement Leaflet

31 de may de 2007

Striking Italian Cabdrivers Distribute LaRouche Movement Leaflet

May 31, 2007 (LPAC)--All of Italy's 30,000 cabdrivers went on strike today against the government's deregulation plan. [] Thousands converged to demonstrate in Rome, where the city center, with its municipal and federal offices, was paralyzed. In Rome, as in Milan, strikers distributed a leaflet written and signed by Claudio Giudici for Movisol, LaRouche's co-thinker organization in Italy.

The leaflet exposes the taxi deregulation plan as part of the policy of globalization which aims to dismantle all state regulation in economic policy, opening the door for private capital to move in and create a monopoly. The inevitable result of such a policy is lower living standards for workers and poorer public services, as private capital is only out to make immediate profits. Thousands of copies of the leaflet were distributed in Milan and Rome, calling for a public investment plan in infrastructure and public transportation as the alternative to congestion on city streets. The leaflet situated the fight over taxi regulation as part of the need for a global shift towards an FDR-style policy of economic reconstruction, as called for by Lyndon LaRouche in the United States.

The national demonstration in Rome included 10,000 cars, along with over 30 busloads of demonstrators who arrived in the capital city this morning. Before noon they had already distributed thousands of leaflets at the Rome central station; from there they were going to move to Ciampino Airport and other locations.

The leaflet has been sent to all printed and electronic media as well. "This is only the beginning of a much broader fight," said one strike leader. If it were only a question of taxis and gas stations (another sector targeted by deregulation), then we could simply find another job. But the real problem is much bigger, and requires a change in economic policy in general.