Escalating Mobilization Against Mexico's Social Security Privatization

3 de junio de 2007

<body><div id="article"><tr><td height="23" valign="middle" width="184"></td><td valign="middle" width="185"></td></tr><h1>Escalating Mobilization Against Mexico's Social Security Privatization</h1><p>June 3, 2007 (LPAC)--In a third national "civic strike" held June 1, 2007 in Mexico City and in 13 other Mexican states, public sector workers escalated their attack on the law passed last March, which privatizes pensions for the State Workers Social Security and Services Institute (ISSSTE). Union leaders are demanding the law's immediate abrogation, and plan several more marches and demonstrations, culminating in a referendum on the law scheduled for June 15, to be held "in every school, university, public plaza and community in the country," according to union leaders.</p><p>These growing protests will take place in the countdown to the June 14 international webcast, featuring Democratic Party leader Lyndon LaRouche, Agustin Rodriguez, Secretary General of the trade union of Mexico's National Autonomous University (STUNAM), and Chilean trade union leaders in a dialogue entitled "Globalization=Fascism."</p><p>During the June 1 demonstration in Mexico City, thousands of members of the National Education Employees Coordinator (CNTE) joined with STUNAM members to march to the main Zocalo plaza from four different starting points, some stopping to pelt the national headquarters of the ruling PAN party, and its allied PRI party, with eggs, tomatoes and bottles. Traffic was paralyzed in the capital, while in other states, demonstrators took over highway toll-booths, blocked highways, and halted traffic across two international bridges into the U.S. In Mexico City, workers from the Nuclear Industry Workers union and the Independent Workers Union of the Metropolitan Autonomous University also joined the marches, according to La Jornada's June 2 edition. Members of the National Education Workers Union (SNTE) also joined the demonstrations in several states.</p><p>The law that privatizes ISSSTE pensions also increases worker contributions into the privatized system, and raises the retirement age by 10 years. In a June 1 speech in Oaxaca, where he was on tour, former Presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador warned that "it is no longer possible to keep in place that colonial maxim by which the vassal is obliged to obey and keep silent before his feudal masters." Over 2.5 million workers will be hurt by the ISSSTE law, he said, and this is why they are now mobilizing to overturn it.</p></div></body>