Neo-Cons Gameplan Turkish Destabilization

18 de junio de 2007

June 18 (LPAC)-- The invitation for the workshop on Turkey organized behind closed doors last week by Hudson Institute, is "evoking alarmed responses from Turkish politicians and opinion leaders," writes today's Zaman. The Hudson Institute is one of the neo-conservative temples of doom in Washington, and home to the notorious Laurent Murawiec and Meyrav Wurmser. The invitation listed terrorist attacks and assassinations in Turkey as possible case-scenarios to inform the participants about the exact topics discussed in the workshop.

One scenario offered to participants included such horrifying events as the assassination of the retired head of Turkey's Constitutional Court, and the deaths of at least 50 Istanbul residents in a terrorist bombing on the busiest street in the city. According to this scenario, these acts would be considered the work of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), and would thus trigger a Turkish military intervention with about 50,000 troops. In one variant, Iran would offer its assistance to Turkey against the PKK. Beneath this particular scenario, the invitation text lists brainstorming questions such as: "How would the military operation change, if it turns out that the two attacks were not the work of the PKK, but al-Qaeda?" and: "Turkish security forces confiscate two-year-old Mossad training manuals and videos showing Israeli agents side by side with PKK militants."

In its report, the Turkish daily Zaman, claims that Turkish military representatives were present along with Hudson Institute experts, the latter including Zeyno Baran and Kubat Talibani, who is the son of Iraqi President Jalal Talibani.

The controversy created by the report has forced the Hudson Institute to issue a statement admitting that a "Turkey/Iraq Workshop" was held and chaired by Institute Senior Fellow Lt. Gen. William Odom (ret.). This was a "greatly useful meeting," said the Hudson Institute, which claimed that it "should in no way be considered as a conspiracy against Turkey." But the Institute admitted that it was a closed-door "off-the-record meeting," and said that whoever let the cat out of the bag, should "be ashamed of their action."