LaRouche: The Mass Youth Killings are NOT a Social Phenomenon; It's the British Empire's Orchestration from the Top

19 de noviembre de 2007

“Some agency is overjoyed with the Finland case and the lack of competent reaction to it. They are engaged in extending the operation. Finland was the first of an intended series of atrocities. It is an orchestrated process directed by institutions behind it. These are not isolated social events. It should be seen in the context of the intent on the part of the British to come out of the crisis on top. The idea that this is a social phenomenon is a fraud. It is not a social phenomenon. The LaRouche Youth Movement's counterintelligence report should be the basis of discussion to understand this crisis. Serious people will study the LYM document.” This was the statement made by Lyndon LaRouche this morning, after reviewing the recent series of global events.

The current epidemic events are the following:


I. Epidemic of Mass Killings Gets Rolling

November 19, 2007 (LPAC)--In another shocking development, last weekend the police prevented another school massacre, this time in Cologne, where two students were arrested last week who were planning to kill teachers and other students in an attack planned for this Tuesday. One of them, a 17-year old had put pictures of the Columbine massacre on his website, whereupon other pupils alerted the school administration. After a talk with the police, he first said, he did it as a "protest" and agreed to take the pictures off his website. After that discussion, he threw himself in front of a tram and died of his wounds. Further investigations led the police to his 18-year old friend, who confessed, that both had planned a massacre this Tuesday. In his apartment, the police found a list of co-students and teachers, several air-guns and two crossbows with metal arrows.

The 18-year old referred explicitly to the anniversary of the killing in Emsdetten, when a former student had wounded 37 people and killed himself afterwards. Tuesday is the first anniversary of this massacre. Also, he reportedly referred to the Jokela massacre in Finland on November 7. According to coverage in Die Welt, one of the students had characterized the Finnish youth as "friend" on an internet-site, and that he wanted to become as "famous." The 18-year old is said to have had problems in school and to have been a victim of bullying.

Also, last week, police were alerted in Guetersloh (North Rhine Westphalia) on Friday by a 16-year old student, who had seen a threat against her school in a students' chatroom. Last Thursday a school in Mainz was closed after a similar announcement in the internet, and in Syke (near the Northern German city of Bremen), graffiti had occurred in a local school, announcing a massacre set to occur on November 20th.


II. Police thwart school killing in Stockholm, Sweden

November 19, 2007 (LPAC)--Swedish police arrested two youth, 16 and 17 years old, for planning to kill the principal of the Enskede Gards Gymnasiums school in Stockholm. The principal, Rolf Ödén, himself reported to the police that the two youth had threatened to kill him. However, the more serious issue is that the two youth were fascinated by the school massacre in Finland and they were probably planning to buy weapons. That was the stronger reason for arresting the two on November 9th, two days following the massacre in Jokela, Finland where an 18 year old student shot 7 students and the principal of his school. Although, the police department in Stockholm has been reserved in giving out information about the ongoing interrogation, the speculation is that the two were planning a school massacre, and not merely killing the principal.

"This morning, these boys came to the school and talked openly about how they thought the school massacre in Finland was so cool, and they were pointing to weapons in an arms sales magazine," the principal told the Swedish television.

That day, one of the boys was taken in to the school's counselor for an interview, and what came out of that discussion made the counselor break his oath of confidentiality and tell the principal, who in turn discussed the matter with the police before the arrests were made. No information has been published about what the boy told the counselor, which is the source of speculation about a real school massacre.


III. Internet Addicts, Get Help!

November 19, 2007 (LPAC)--One Thomas Hintz, psychologist at the Mannheim Central Institute for Mental health, in an interview with today (November 19th) warns of internet addiction among youths and adult singles, as a consequence of fear of social contacts, lack of self-esteem or depression. Studies in the USA and Berlin estimate, that 10% of all internet users are in danger of becoming addicted. Such addicts spend a mean time of 35-40 hours per week on the internet, satisfying their social needs, instead of searching for information.

In another report in from January 12th 2007, a Berlin psychologist, Andreas Koch (from Caritas) was quoted, describing internet addicts as "walking dead, who spent 10-15 hours on the net, without eating, drinking or washing sufficiently," many of them living on Hartz IV and step by step saying good-bye to real life. The effects, once access to the computer is taken away, are similar to those of alcoholics or drug addicts. In extreme cases, according to Koch, the only way to deal with the addiction is complete abstinence, so that after 3-4 weeks their heads are clear again. Last year the Berlin Caritas had founded a therapy group for "internet-junkies." According to Caritas, more than one million internet users in Germany show signs of being addicted, while for at least 3-4 million people the use of this medium is called problematic.

On November 23rd, the German Society for Psychatrics, Psychotherapy and Neurology will hold a symposium in Berlin on reasons, consequences and therapeutic possibilities for internet addiction.


IV. German Police Worried about Computer Game-Weapons Links

November 19, 2007 (LPAC)--Reviewing the most-recent incidents involving internet-addicted youth turning violent, Klaus Jansen, chairman of the German association of anti-crime police BDK, said in an interview with DLR radio this morning that many of these cases show a planning of acts of violence over a longer period of time, including the targeted purchase of firearms, therefore, the computer-internet aspect of the preparation is of importance.

"We should have restrictions for access to such weapons. It makes no sense that young people play around with such stuff, and it makes no sense either, that we allow them to have unrestricted access to violent videos and violent games, ego shooters and the like. Again and again, in our analyses we come across this combination: access to computer games, access to violent videos, access to weapons. I believe that is a pattern, which we should use in politics to make sure that such things are taken out of the hands of the youth."

The LPAC counterintelligence team is looking closer into this epidemic, which will be further elaborated in a pamphlet with a strategic expose of not only these different cases, but the conscious orchestration of these events from the highest level of the British Empire. Stay tuned to the website for more updates, but in the meantime review Lyndon LaRouche’s strategic document, [a:href="\/news\/2007\/11\/16\/milken-enron-perugia-extreme-events.html";target=_blank]From Milken & Enron to Perugia ‘Extreme Events’[/a]! This will be the basis to situate the reader into understanding the common form of mass insanity steering the social networking sites, video games, and the collapse of the world financial system.