Russian Rail To Grow In All Regions

3 de agosto de 2007

August 3, 2007 (LPAC)--The state-run Russian Railways concern is planning to lay 2.5 times more track up to 2030, than was laid in the entire 70-year Soviet period, the Railway Review reported yesterday.

By 2010, some 14,000 km will be added to the Russian rail network. Some 7-10 trillion rubles will be invested in track construction, half of it by the state-owned Russian Railways concern. The perspective to 2030 was approved by President Vladimir Putin in an April 10 government session, at which Russian Railways CEO Vladimir Yakunin included the railroad from Yakutsk to the Bering Strait, in his programmatic outline.

Yesterday, Yakunin addressed a conference in St. Petersburg on the Strategy For Rail Transport Development in the Russian Federation To 2030, chaired by the Presidential envoy for the Northwest Federal District, Ilya Klebanov. Deputy Minister of Transport Alexander Misharin and officials of individual railways took part. Klebanov presented the railways as essential for "the defense of the country's national sovereignty and security, and preservation of a single socio-economic space."

Yakunin presented details of the rail segments in the new 1200 km Perm-Syktyvkar-Vendinga-Karpogory-Arkhangelsk corridor, known as the Belkomur Mainline. It is designed to give an outlet to the Arctic Coast, from Siberia, the Urals, and the industrial cities in north-central European Russia.