Several Countries Want To Try Boris Berezovsky

31 de agosto de 2007

August 31, 2007 (LPAC)--Russian prosecutors are not the only ones looking into their files on Berezovsky. Investigations are being conducted into the role of the London-based exiled Russian oligarch in other countries as well.

In France, investigators are pursuing a money-laundering case involving Berezovsky, and a Russian team will come to Paris next week, to brief their French colleagues. Last week a Dutch team was in Moscow, concerning tax evasion and other criminal charges which Berezosvky is said to be linked to. Furthermore, Brazilian prosecutors want to have him extradited, in a money-laundering case involving a prominent soccer team there.

In Russia itself, Berezosvky is charged with a role in the 1998 bankruptcy of SBS Agro Bank, with embezzlement from the Aeroflot airline, as well as tax evasion -- to which must be added be charges in connection with organized crime, violence and terrorism in Chechnya.