British Empire Restructuring Global Power Structure

25 de febrero de 2008

February 25, 2008 (LPAC)--LaRouche PAC analysts are keeping a close eye on the fights which have been breaking out in international banking circles, as the British Empire continues its assault on the nation-state and nationalistic elements within nations. The latest bank to come under attack is Swiss giant UBS, which has taken substantial losses of late and whose head, Marcel Ospel, is rumored to be on the way out. In neighboring France, Daniel Bouton, the head of Societe Generale, is also under pressure, over big losses in its trading operation, losses which have unconvincingly been blamed on a single rogue trader. These moves recall the ousting last year of both Stan O'Neal of Merrill Lynch and Chuck Prince of Citigroup, both of whom were replaced after losses. What all of these institutions have in common is that they fall into the category of "national champions," or institutions which represent power structures within nations. In the new global imperialism the oligarchy plans to implement through the demise of the financial system, structures which represent national power bases must be dissolved into the global slime mold. This applies even to structures created by the oligarchy to exert control over those same nations. For the empire to dominate, all vestiges of national power must be destroyed.

It is worth noting, in this context, the way the European Central Bank seems determined to bail out the British-linked banks. If the nations of Europe are to survive, they must come to grips with their own oligarchic problems; if not, they will remain captives of this British-centered slime mold, as imperial provinces rather than nations.